Innocence, Interrupted.

The CBSE is all set to introduce "Adolescent Education Programme" for school kids from 6th standard upwards. This is to include st...

The CBSE is all set to introduce "Adolescent Education Programme" for school kids from 6th standard upwards.
This is to include stuff like Sex Ed, Protection, STDs and other stuff that made us giggle/snicker during tenth standard biology class.
Sure, in light of the current lifestyles, "lets-do-it-NOW" attitude towards sex you'd think learning the right way to put on a condom is necessary.
It is, no arguments here, a little bit of knowledge does go a long way.
The thing is, how adept are our teachers in conveying it across to the students?
The rotten truth is that our teachers are NOT our friends, not now, not ever.
We don't like approaching them for doubts concerning adolescent issues, we are uncomfortable with them, and we hate the way they stare at us when we say the word "sex".
I CANNOT imagine any of my teachers who taught me in school trying to teach me how syphilis is spread or discussing topics like condoms v/s spermicide (which is part of the syllabus).
I remember one particular incident in school as well, when one of my juniors got caught in school for bringing, erm, sexual apparatus to school.
It was a HUGE hullabaloo, the boy's parents were called and screamed at, he was slapped, we didn't have class for 7 continuous periods and everyone started calling him "condom boy". Not pleasant. It brought a couple of issues to light -
a]A tenth grader with a condom. Wow.
b]I could sleep through 4 continuous periods, a new record
c]A tenth grader with a condom. Wow, GROSS.
d]If he had a condom, who did he intend to do it with?
e]A tenth grader with a condom. Wow.
Moving on.
Where the CBSE is making a mistake is bringing it in standard 6. Thats not when hormones surge. Thats when kids still think that a lesbian is actually a person from lesbia.
Loads of schools (esp PSBB-esque schools) are still in two minds over this whole adolescent education module.
Is it really necessary in a country like India?
What about our culture?
What about our famous social values?
Ah, thats where we all make mistakes.
Hormones don't have nationalities!

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  1. So THAT was the condom controversy ehhhhhhhhhhhhh?????? Yeesh, I heard a bit about it when I was all of 13 years old in Eight Std.

    And "Where the CBSE is making a mistake is bringing it in standard 6.
    Thats not when hormones surge.
    Thats when kids still think that a lesbian is actually a person from lesbia."


  2. lol, its one of my favourite quotes. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!
    I asked my sister what a lesbian was, and she said "i dunno, a person from lesbia?"
    had me laughing for the LONGEST time!

  3. Well, I think it SHOULD be introduced in Std 6...Sex Ed, I mean.
    For chrissake, my li'l brother once was all "Akka, what's sex?" AT THE DINNER TABLE.
    In front of DAD (who gets all tension if I say shit). And MOM. And PATTI.
    Atleast early sex edu would spare elder sibs the EMBARRASSMENT!

  4. "sex, is gender"
    lol, cmon, its CHIMMAN. He defines chamathu.
    If 6th grade kids had sex-ed, then chimman being chimman whould have probably, more, erm detailed doubts ("akka whats sex?" is waaay less uncomfortable than "akka whats a condom?" :P)
    You wouldnt want that now. Not in front of sir, NO.

  5. I swear....anyway, Chimman still buys that gender story. I'm disappointed.....he didn't evn have the sense to look it up in the dictionary! OK, not that i want him to or anything. But that's what I did.
    I mean, finding out yourself is better than a strained sex-edu class. Instead, once teachers are sure that we are all "enlightened", they can discuss the safety issues instead.

  6. Personally, I found the dictionary meaning quite confusing when I looked it up in the, erm, 7th.
    I mean, "the act of sexual intercourse" was just one loopy definition.

  7. Whatever...little oxford was VERY accurate, Searching for the meaning of one word lead to searching for the meaning of another and all the pieces just fell together. Just because some shit decided to take advantage of my very-fast-searching-word-in-dictionary ability....*@$%^&&#%#

  8. There was a whole discussion about this on NDTV, and I think it should be introduced in the 8th. 6th standard might be a little too early. And i think they should just brief students about the harms of sex without protection. Everything else, kids already know.

  9. i agree with neon..the introduction of it in the 8th would be perfect.

    I actually remember this whole 10th grade condom thing..didn't it happen in the KK nagar branch?

  10. @ neon & lemonade
    most wise, 8th is perfect.
    n lemonade, it happened in nungambakkam. :D so proud.not.
    that kid is in Lady Andal now though.

  11. Nice...article.....u cud have mentioned how they locked up toilets after this incident.....

  12. Hey!

    I read your entire blog today (at office :) )!!
    Landed here from Maami's blog.

    Great work! Keep it up! :-)

  13. Actually, a 'lesbian' is technically the resident of the Greek island Lesbos. There was a bit of controversy about that recently in the news.


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