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Yesterday was my first day in the office (since I had cleared my CPT/Chartered Accountancy entrance test, with distinction may I add, I was ...

Yesterday was my first day in the office (since I had cleared my CPT/Chartered Accountancy entrance test, with distinction may I add, I was eligible to start my internship).
Coming into the whole "professional" scene right after school was quite a big change for me.

This is what I have learned after 2 days in the office.

Incident 1)
When I went in to the Senior Partner's room, for my one-on-one interview, the peon guy bought some tea and placed it in front of him. Apparently he was not in the mood for tea so he asked the peon to give me the tea.
Now I was super doubtful on whether to have it or not.
My doubt must have shown on my face because the Senior Partner looked at me, smiled and said "Have it, you wont get this chance again when you're working here"

Incident 2)
Going to office in a kurta & a pair of jeans only to learn that the workplace has a rather strict dress code of "Salwar-Kameez only".

b] Beverage Break
Every morning around 11 and every evening around 4 all the articles get coffee/tea shots.
Not the fancy espresso shots (now, thats romba over) but piping hot, milky, super sweet coffee/tea in tiny tiny plastic cups.
Its a special formula devised by the firm to keep us interns going. And its quite successful at what it aims at, provided you chug it. And not taste it.

c] ITRs
I filed some income tax returns, all by myself (*pride*) and finally realized why CAs everywhere are cursing P.Chidambaram.
Its a long, painful process and hence dumped on the interns.
But I didn't mind doing it, after all, how else will you learn that if a firm spends money on promoting family planning among its employees, that expense is exempted from taxation?

Just 2 days and already so much wiser. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Watch this space.

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  1. ya...learning is a continuous process....all the best for ur new job...

    btw, do u kno when they(IT dept) ll refund my tax...

  2. Thank you :D

    and regarding your query:
    well, you've filed form 30b along with your ITR-4 rite?
    Then you have to wait till it gets credited to your bank account, lol.
    Refunds usually take time, and unfortunately, all I learned was how to fill up the return forms.
    Give me some more time and I'll have the IT system in India all figured out. :D

  3. all d best dear fren.
    u hv a nice it up
    :) :) :)

  4. congrats lavanya... on ur distinction... work place is real life.. and im sure u'l do well.. all the best..

  5. Excellent now I have a C.A. also to file my returns. All I need to do is earn some money:).

    I am like a few million years older than you and I am still maintaining my student status:). That rulz!

  6. And why is your sis not posting? Tell her I am a huge fan.

  7. I dont kno which form it is....I gave him Rs.150 and signed a form wherever there is x mark... :D

  8. First day at work eh?
    Oooooo! Exciting!

    Well...C.A. stuff is moreorless Greek and Latin to me, not to mention Hindi also to me..considering that I was educated in Tamil Nadu which makes sure that its youth does not learn the National Language (hmph!) ;)

    Lol...kidding...keep posting! :)

  9. awww...little lallu is in office already!!! *eyes brimming with tears*
    ok, jokes apart...congrats and all the best!

  10. First of all, congrats on the distinction. I know from some of the people close to me how difficult it is to to even pass the CA, let alone ace it.

    Second, watch out for commenters trying to weasel free tax advice from you ;-)

    Finally, the dress code incident must have been mortifying. You should write a separate post about it.

    You don't mention whether this is your first job ever or if it is a paid internship, but that first paycheck is very special.

    Congrats again & good luck


  11. Hey Lavanya,

    Congrats for ur INtern first!! And by the way! Seems u r "ENJOYING" every moment of it... :-):-) Newayz! I m still not into office atmosphere.. So, i dunno how it wud look like!!

  12. congratulations and celebrations.....

    .....and im too lazy to sing the rest of the song!!

    glad to see that ur already an intern! keep up the good work girl! :)

  13. hi.. nice blog u have here! check out mine 2:)

  14. Hi.....why no new post....
    busy wit new job???

  15. Ho entered the corporate crap... Enjoy...

    I hope I can count on to take investment advice from you next year... :-)

  16. Hey Lavanya, that's a very nice blog you have here. Simple styling, yet effective. Also very interesting writing laden with humor. I especially liked the T.Nagar drift which brought back nostalgic moments.


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