Damaal Dumeel

>Eyes jolt open at 5 am, thanks to over enthusiatic 500 wala loving neighbour. >Morning cracker session with Appa & Varsha, all o...

>Eyes jolt open at 5 am, thanks to over enthusiatic 500 wala loving neighbour.

>Morning cracker session with Appa & Varsha, all of us still in pyjamas.

>Realise we look damn weird in the road, especially considering pakathaathu (next door) mama is wearing pattu veshti and looks as fresh as a daisy, while I'm still in morning 'eh-whats-happening' mode. The mama looks at
us, holds up a wala and says "chumma adhuridhile!" We blink. He is disappointed.

>Paati dumps a tablespoon of gingelly oil on my head.

>Appa switches on TV, and surfs channels to find some channel that has some spiritual type programme running.

>Halfway through his search, he finds KTV putting songs from Veerasamy.

>Me, Varsha, Appa are glued to the television, laughing our guts off watching TR give "romaynteec look" while my mother's BP starts shooting through the roof (Pandigai-mbodhu paakavaendiya program-a idhu? Chi! Channel-a maathu!)

>After full oil bath and wearing new-new clothes and all, I feel especially shiny. Deepavali effect.

>Go to Perimma's house for lunch. Nicely have full south Indian pandigai meal complete with paal-payasam. Mmm.

>Afternoon, family gossip session starts. I try to listen about what this one particularly notorious member of the family has been up to but lose track after sometime, end up dozing off.

>Wake up at 5.30 pm. Find that the family discussion has veered off to "indha kaalathu pasanga".

>Amma assigns me diya-lighting work. This job, I like.

>7.00 pm. Oh yeah. Damaal Dumeel time. Almost 20 of us - akkas, annas, mamas, mamis, perimmas, perippas, athimbers, aththais gang up on the terrace.

>Rockets. When a particularly enthu cousin of mine lit a rocket, it went up for around 10 cm, turned left, entered into my neighbour's window and burst there.

>We stare in shock, wondering if the entire house would just burst into flames, like in the movies.

>Nothing happens.

>After one minute of silence, my uncle gives one loud guffaw and all of us fall about laughing.

>After all the special vedis, flowerpots, chakras and all are exhausted, we troop downstairs to burst the waalas.

>Suddenly we remember that match is happening today. Everyone stops midway and gathers around TV.

>We watch India lose.

>We decide to dedicate all our waala bursting to the Indian Cricket team (For what joy, I still don't know)

>All cousins take turns bursting red-forts and lakshmi-vedis, making people walking on the road wince every 2 minutes.

>Get down on the road, lay out the 1000 waala, make 3 autos & a whole bunch of people stop. I light the matchstick and show it to the waala and immediately take it back. It wasn't lit. I do this again 3 times until my dad asks me to just light the matchstick and drop it on top of the waala. I try to light it again, nothing happens.

>Auto guys get pissed. The Aunties on the road are just scared. The Uncles are not sure.

>I finally get it right, the spark comes on. And I run.

>3 whole minutes and a lot of noise later, my family cheers. One mama also claps.

>Deepavali finally comes to an end at 1.30 am.

>I dont know what happened next but I remember waking up the next morning with a big smile on my face.

Hope you had a Happy Deepavali as well.

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  1. "Halfway through his search, he finds KTV putting songs from Veerasamy."

    haha, what a way to start such a festive occasion

  2. You dont know how unbelievably sad that made me:(. Dont get me wrong. I am totally fine with you having a super diwali. Till I was in 12th standard you exactly described my diwali. Except that I used to go to my pattis instead of perima. I am home sick now:(.

    I spent my diwali in my lab working. I dint realize it was Diwali till I called my parents at 8.30 PM my time.


  3. lol.... u had 1 fun filled diwali... mine was borin... ny way ... rock on

  4. that must have been nice...

    no diwali for us this year *sad**sad*sad*

    But 20 OC sweet-dabbas (record-breaking)!!!

  5. hey honestly, this was like one of the bestest posts i've eva read.
    like seriously.
    there was soo much of livliness, happiness.. u knw, ethin positive bout it!!
    cheers! :)
    lovely diwali u seem to have had! :-)

    p.s-it wud have been great if you had english translations, u knw.. i dont understand tamil sigh :(

  6. I like your pakathaathu mama for some unfathomable reason. Chumma adiridula....is too good for his age ;)

    And yeah, even we had the inda gaalathu pasanga talk this time...and that too at perima s house too :D And thing is, I slept thru it too. Ok I ll stop before this sounds like a mini version of your post. But I cant believe our similar our day was..except for the wala's.....I stay away from walas.Period.

    Lovely read! Happui Deewali :)

  7. That was a very nice one to read.. Great flow and felt as if being part of the Deepavali proceedings. Miss Deepavali a lot. Nice to hear from people who had a great time.

  8. Lavanya, great post. When you said on my Diwali post, "Deepavali isnt quite deepavali unless it has fireworks na?
    But NRI deeps are on the silent side....", I got a rough idea of what you were talking about. But reading the details of your Deepavali really brought it home. And made me nostalgic :D :(


  9. @Neon:
    *Oru venilavu soliyadhu aye laaave yu*
    *TR belly dance*
    Yes,it was most auspicious.

    @Ok, BPSK, Weekend Warrior:
    You can take an Indian out of India, but you cant take India out of an Indian
    Nostalgia is a very bittersweet emotion.
    I really don't know what else to say.

    We didn't get 20 dabbas, but we did get a bottle of red wine. :D :P

    I actually used to be waala-phobic until a few years back, when my cousin initiated me into it. Try it sometime, you might actually like it :D

    Thanks for dropping by! :D

  10. @Busy Writer
    Thanks! :D
    And yeah, I'll put in English translations from now on, lol.

  11. @Busy Writer
    Thanks! :D
    And yeah, I'll put in English translations from now on, lol.

  12. lol.... u had 1 fun filled diwali... mine was borin... ny way ... rock on


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