Every father has these major dreams for his daughter. Dreams that he had ever since she was a puny little baby making gurgly noises in the h...

Every father has these major dreams for his daughter.
Dreams that he had ever since she was a puny little baby making gurgly noises in the hospital bed.
I fulfilled a long-pending one of my fathers today.

I rode a crowded MTC bus from Mylapore to T.Nagar.

Yeah, things like his daughter taking Public Transport has become a dream for my father. And I blame him for it. Hey, I was brought up in one total protected car-pick-up-drop way. Sure I'd hear the "When I was your age" stories all the time, but I was sure as hell my parents would never let me take buses when I was in school.
Unfortunately I'm out of school and apparently ready for getting initiated into the Big Bad World, which includes taking the Bus.
Well, it seemed like a fairly simple thing to me at first. Go to the Mylapore stop, wait for the bus which goes to T.Nagar (12B/12G), get in, buy ticket, and get out in T.Nagar.
Step 1 went smoothly, I went to the stop, there was quite a crowd there, each person craning their neck in the same direction. Then the 12B bus came, with people spilling out of it. It was like watching some kind of weirdly choreographed tribal dance. A person would topple out and another would jump in simultaneously.
Topple out, jump in.
Topple out, jump in.
I became so dizzy at the whole display of athleticism that I missed the bus. Not that there would have been any place for me considering people were hanging out of it.
So I had to wait for another fifteen minutes for the next 12B to come.
After the initial jostling in, the bus started.
And it was at that precise moment that all those physics lessons about inertia made perfect sense.
Also, it seemed that people who ride the bus regularly develop some kind of magnetic force in their feet considering I was the only person in the bus who was flying from one end of the bus to the other everytime it stopped/started.
Then a helpful samaritan from the back told me the universal piece of wisdom of all bus-riders - "maela rod irukku ma, adha pudichokknga" (hang on to the rod on top, child), followed by a smirk.
Clearly, the fact that this was my first time on the bus was more obvious than I'd have liked it to be.
I held on to the rod for dear life, although, to the onlooker it might have looked like I was drunk dancing.
The trip lasted for roughly 15 minutes (jostling included) and cost me 3 bucks.
I got down in T.Nagar and called my father to tell him my sob-story only to hear him laughing uproariously on the other end and tell me in between guffaws that he would sleep soundly today because his brat had seen yet another bit of "reality".

Reality can go to hell, scratch that, reality can go ride an MTC bus.

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  1. LOL - glad the first bus experience was not worse than what you described, although I *can't* believe you've never gone in one before! Do you wear glass slippers too? ;-)

    Bangalore now has these a/c buses, not sure if this was one of those?


  2. nice color scheme :)

    i sooo get the bus situation...i'm another one of those 'flying-about-in-the-bus' kinds that u talked about...and now i stick to autos...wich seems to suck out every penny of my meagre salary...damn there aren't better,cheaper modes of transport!

    couldn't resist analogizin... :)

  3. Aww! Sweet old madras buses:). I always love them. And I must have spent at least a quarter of my life on 12G-12B. Catch 12G go to Luss. Catch 12 B and go to Mandavelli to my grandmoms place:).

    Heres a tip that I have empirically learnt. If you see a 12 G go in one direction then a 12 G wil go the other way in the next 10 mins.

    And nice post really! When I first started reading I thought you had really done something worthwile;).
    Humph! When we were kids.....

    And finally my hunt for something funny comes to an end:D.


  4. hehe. i've been usin the public trassport since like 4 months now!

    here in blore, we have nice bus facilities. so yea, its like okay!

  5. @BPSK
    I do believe I qualify to be a brat. :P
    Chennai has A/c buses too, its just that there are very very few of them.

    I caught 12B only, to go to T.Nagar from Luz.
    And thank you, as long as my post made somebody happy happy. :D

    I ran out of auto money, which was why i took bus in the first place. Autos are bloody pissing off these days na?
    Thanks for dropping by!

    @Busy writer
    Lucky You.

  6. I admit there are some discomforts while travelling in PTC buses.Standing on the footboard can be fun,you know;but its also dangerous.

  7. Just a lurker! "..reality can go ride an MTC bus" made me :D :))

    I can totally see where you are coming from...but ma appa will never lemme take any bus ever! i've heard funny tales to horror encounters..glad that u had a decent ride :)

  8. hahaha.... taking the bus now, and you are about getting ready to face the big,bad world. Next what, talking to strangers, for the thrill of it, to be ready to enter the big bad world....

    are we doing the reverse chronological one here ?? lol :D

  9. Having experienced the same on BMTC and AMTS, I can vouch for the accuracy of the whole scenario although my first bus ride didn't involve me standing up (really lucky, I know). When it was standing up, considering I'm taller than most of the other jokers, I had far more inertia than they did :D

  10. Oh and by the way:


  11. Try a Mumbai local going to Virar, try to get off the train at Andheri :-)

  12. Try a Mumbai local going to Virar, try to get off the train at Andheri :-)


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