The Next Time You Fly Indian....

Going anywhere on an Aeroplane is always an experience for me, especially if I happen to sit next to my father, the Candy-Man. Don't get...

Going anywhere on an Aeroplane is always an experience for me, especially if I happen to sit next to my father, the Candy-Man.
Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad's warped sense of humour but it somehow it seems to shine only when he travels by planes, rather Indian Airlines.

What He Does:
Airhostess Aunty (Indian Airlines, what did you expect?) comes with candy tray. My Dad puts his hand in and takes a fistful of Mint-o Fresh.

For What Joy:
Apparently, to see the look of absolute bewilderment on the Air-hostess' face. She obviously wouldn't have expected a guy like my dad to take a fistful, she can't get mad since she's been trained very strictly to smile at everything and at the end of it all, she doesn't quite know how to feel.

End Result:
As much as it's embarrassing, its really quite hilarious to see the look on the Air-hostess' face.
And the irony of it all, my dad is a diabetic.

Also Seen/Heard:
Co-passengers seen "tsk-tsking"/Staring/Frowning.
"Edho avanoda soththulerndhu na share edutha maadhri look-vidraan paren"^
Couldn't have put it better myself, dad.

What He Does:
If its a long flight, my father takes great joy in pressing the "call air-hostess" button.

For What Joy:
So that he can say "I think I pressed it by mistake, I'm sorry."
And smile.

End Result:
Air hostess clenches teeth and smiles. After she goes out of sight, he presses it again and asks for a coffee.

Also Seen/Heard:
"Auntijis, all of them, let them budge for a change. Besides, flight romba bore adikardhu, konjam entertainment venum-la"^
Auntyji airhostess wasn't the only one clenching her teeth, my mum was too.

My Appa rocks, I know.

On a closing note, He doesn't fly Indian anymore though, apparently the Aunty-ji air hostesses glare at him every time he boards. Chee.

^ Translator:

"Edho avanoda soththulerndhu na share edutha maadhri look-vidraan paren" - That nut is looking at me as though I just stole a share of his property.

"romba" - very
"konjam" - a little
"venum-la" - required na?

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  1. LOL!!

    damn, laughin my ass off.

    hilarious! :D

    lurrved readin this! :D

  2. I think we're related.
    We should talk

  3. hehe.. ure dad is very mischevious... must have been fun.. ya aunties in indian give u wierd looks.. if u ask 4more... hehe

  4. :) Well I have a list of air line pranks myself:). But your dad's good too.


  5. ur dad soundz juz like my mum...guess they r like stuff to gt attention :)

    she sometimez even getz those free tiny shampoo bottles n stuff from hotels...find it cute at timez (tho i never tell her tat!) and annoyin most of the time! hehe...

    nice stuff... :)

    do drop by my blog someday...ahh!cnt belive im sayin tis!i am nutz today...!

  6. man, ur dad have some sense of humour :)


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