This is going to hurt just a little bit...

One thing I like less than most things is sitting in a dentist chair with my mouth wide open. And that I will never have to do it again ...

One thing I like less than most things is sitting in a dentist chair with

my mouth wide open.

And that I will never have to do it again is a hope that I am against hope hopen.

Because some tortures are physical and some are mental,

But the one that is both is dental.

- Ogden Nash

I had been ignoring my cavities for a very, very long time. Sure, I'd get the usual pink note in every school health check up - "cavity filling recommended" which I would conveniently "misplace". But recently my cavities came back with a vengeance which meant I had to make my long procrastinated dentist visit.

After making the required calls to Apollo Dental Clinic, I found myself sitting in the waiting room.

Since it was a morning appointment (9 am), there wasn't too much of a crowd. There was however, a Chinese/Japanese guy talking on the phone, accompanied by his very Tamil friend/assistant/tour guide. The dentist was late, obviously.

After the Chinese/Japanese guy finished his conversation in rapid Chinese/Japanese, he started looking for ways to amuse himself.

"Hey, hey" he said to his assistant.

"Yoo geth TheeVee? Remotth?"

So the assistant guy, after a few minutes of blinking, asks the receptionist to switch on the TV.

"News channel podatta^?" asks the receptionist

Pat came the reply - "Enna pota enna, apdiye romba purinjidapordhu.^"

After some smirking, the receptionist changes the channels and finally settles on Sun Music, which was playing the “Unna Vida” song from the Kamal Haasan starrer Virumaandi.

Now, the C/J guy was really intrigued.

“Ees dhat laykk moovie?”

“Uh, no, it’s a…music! Yes, yes, Indian music” and nods his head vigorously.

“Eendhiyan mousik! Yes, yes, very good, music, music”

The guy is clearly fascinated by Kamal Haasan’s erm, skills and stays silent for sometime, staring at the TV, tapping his fingers along and bopping his head.

By this time, the assistant guy starts chatting with me about the latest Tamil Deepavali releases.

“Vel paarunga, adhu dhaan besht, Polladhavan pathi therila, Azhagiya Thamizh Magan samma mokka, climax..ayo..mudila..!”

“Suriya padam-la…enna kadha-nga^?”

Just as he’s about to reply, C/J guy gets hyper and starts pointing at the TV which was playing some Alaipayuthey song.

“Looook! Beyootheeful place! Where ? Moombai?”

The assistant guy looks at me and asks – “Adhu endha edammnu theriyuma?

I blink. Enough said.

He sighs and turns back to C/J

“Uh, Chennai, Chennai”

“Ohh, Thameel Naadju, Thameel Naadju, vaery byootheefool.”

He continues to stare at the TV, as if he were in a trance.

I’m vaguely fascinated by the C/J and his perception of ‘Eendhiyan Mousik’. But he doesn’t notice me staring, he’s too busy watching Madhavan getting jiggy with Sophia Haque.

The assistant clears his throat and I abruptly look away.

Vel oda Kadha enna-na…^” he begins.

We are interrupted again, this time, the C/J squeals.

“Look! Rap! Rap mousik! Thameel Nadju rap! Vewwy good!” and goes up to the TV and peers into it with awe. 10 seconds later, he's grooving along to the beat of Polladhavan's Engeyum, Epodhum remix.

"Next?” Calls the receptionist.

I go in, leaving the enthu C/J (who is still half dancing) and his exasperated Thameel Nadju assistant.

What happened in the dentist’s chair was quite uneventful, I had a rather sweet lady dentist who made trivial conversation and went about filling my cavities.

Amusement happens at the oddest places.

^ - Translator

Podatta – Shall I put?

Enna pota enna, apdiye romba purinjidapordhu – How does that matter? He’s not going to understand anything, anyways.

Vel paarunga, adhu dhaan besht, Polladhavan pathi therila, Azhagiya Thamizh Magan samma mokka, climax..ayo..mudila..! – Watch Vel, It’s the best of the lot, dunno about Polladhavan, but Azhagiya Thamizh Magan sucks bigtime!

Adhu endha edammnu theriyuma? – Do you know where that location is?

“Vel oda Kadha enna-na” – The story of Vel is…”

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  1. Aww Psbb has made you sooo talented:). Its a pleasure to read what you write. And I love it when you get in the accents. Good work!


  2. Good writ. Nice flow your write has. I, more than loved it! :)

  3. haha!!
    like they say, a visit to the dentist is alwayys memorable!!
    but, wonder what that chinese/japanese visitor was doing at the dentist!!!????

  4. probably had some issues with his teeth me thinks

  5. Lavs...think I laughed out loud in the middle somewhere (that hardly ever happens escept when I read some really funny posts)..
    Dont dentists just make your day... some how or the other ;)

    @Neon: My! Your a special thing arent you ;)

  6. hey,that Indian airlines post is hilarious. Am sure your mom wasn't impressed with the whole episode :) Your appa rocks :)

  7. BTW, I have added a link to this blog in mine. Let me know if you have any objection.

  8. @Mayth,

    Yep... i get that a lot

  9. @ok
    :D :D


    @Prehistoric Development
    Clearly, you're still developing.

    Yep, they do.

    Machan, unoda GK romba strong.
    Keep it up.

    @Ron Lemon
    yeah, he does :D
    And thanks for linking!

  10. Lavanya

    Tag, girl, tag:


  11. haha :D

    i hvnt got a single cavity or a whteva problem wid my teeth :P

    *touchteeth* *touchwood* :P


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