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  1. :). The research that chap is doing is definitely more important than what I do:).


  2. yappppaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    basically i dont like south indian food... n every single time we have been 2 sharavanabhavan wid the family... me n my cousin wud never eat der n make a fuss till we went sumwhere else... lol

  3. @Mayth, Ok
    Romba thank you :)

    What? you dont like Saravana Bhavan? And you call yourself a south indian? cha cha cha

    thanks, how did hindi go? centum?

  4. i finished the paper in 40 minutes, it was a 3 hour exam, but im not predicting anything, i dont want to jinx it

  5. this is cute, made me smile. but, i don't think the sambar at saravana bhavan is all that good :P

  6. Very nice. Please to publish more cartoons.

    Was it random or deliberate that the beaker-dude has a kudumi? :D


  7. @XH

    I would have typed this comment in hindi but I don't quite know how to frame sentences yet.
    So best-ji of-ke luck-hai.
    my hindi is haaak-thu-able, i know.

    Tell me where to get better sambhar and maybe i'll believe you.
    Glad it made you smile though. :)

    Haha, yes, maybe the kudumi was intentional, it was an inside joke but you noticed :)
    More cartoons will come soon :D

  8. mom's sambar is better. mine is a close competition too ;)

    its the name of this blog that got me curious. i think its a cute name, although given a choice, i always go for the green and red chutneys...

  9. Nice cartoon, good expressions. I was totally not expecting SB's sambhar.. But, Nobel prize for that?? Hmmm


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