Haiye, myself ronnjith bahoo, articull ajistant stedying CA in Chennoi. I am wraiting this begause my juniors, that Cogonut gerl espesialy...

Haiye, myself ronnjith bahoo, articull ajistant stedying CA in Chennoi.
I am wraiting this begause my juniors, that Cogonut gerl espesialy are being bad gerls and making fun of me.
I am bajically frem Orissa, I came to Chennoi to do CA. My englees is debective begause I study oriya medium. I layke dooink CA, I think it is bery interesting jaab. Butt onlee praablem is that my juniors is not doing werk, but taking resht all dha tayime and loffing.
I yam trying to lerrn tamil, butt itt is bery confujing, i leesan to my juniors phone-talking but they are theenking that I am poking my nose in theyur bijiness. How can I lerrn tamil when I can't leesan to complete conversations ya? And I think that both those gerls talk about baais. Thees not aage to talk about baais, thees age to study, talk about baais after marriage no?
I am not being able to understand, when there is Anna Naggar, whoy is there no Akka Nagar? Chennoi is confoosing that way.
Butt baysht part about Chennoi is Saravuna Bhaven, it is the bayst. Espesialy that Peter's Road branch no, yes, bayst. Whan I was doing Royal Sundarrum Odit, I ate in Saravuna Bhavan faar 6 months ya, but I nayver felt bored. Every day I had Kaju Masala, but sometimes, I got leetil leetil bored. That time no, I had Masala Kaju.
Caming to my juniors, this Cogonut gerl has no saynse of profejanal yethicks. Ya, jast because cliyent pays, doesn't mean you are able to do whatever you wants. This gerl no? Found out that cliyent office has internaysonal call fajilities, so she askkid me if she could make internaysonal call! I am shocked so I am asking her who you know in internaysonal?And she is starting to loff girl-ly. So I am also getting loff. So I said, I know I am late today but thaank gad that you askked permijon, you are not supposed to do these things. She is simply starting to loff again, but she said ok-ok. I theenk she made internaysonal call when I was late, I doesn't know.
Ok, I doesn't know what else to say, come ya, lets go to Saravuna Bhavun and eat Kaju Masala.

I have had a very long day, don't ask - Coconut Chutney

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  1. :) Seriously funny:). So did you did you not make the call? Poor Oriya don t make fun of him in front of him. You can bitch behind his back:)


  2. i did make the call :D
    And yeah, we are deejunt gerls, we beetch only frem the back.


  3. Dear Mr.Sahoo

    It has come to our attention that one Ms.C.Chutney from your office has used our phone system to make an unauthorized international phone call. As you know, we track all of our STD and ISD calls.

    Ms.Chutney made the call to Kazakhstan, to a one Mr.Borat.

    You may also know that our system records snippets of these unauthorized conversations.

    In this case, Ms.Chutney was overheard professing her admiration for Mr.Borat's work. She said, "I am a Borat groupie."

    Tell me, Mr.Sahoo, wat is this groupie-shoopie, enh?

    Yours truthfully
    The Management

    p.s. the call cost Rs.2500. Please to give us a refund in your next bill.

  4. :) .Hello Cyber Twin :). Great People think alike .

  5. ha ha.. if you keep doing this, am sure you will be kidnapped by maoist and they will make chutney out of you...

  6. thankavey mudiyatha kadavuley....
    antha payyan enna kutram saythatho ????

  7. roflmao!
    Suuuper pa.. Bery deejunt aaf you to blaag about it!
    Semma fun!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @BPSK
    You are evil.
    And Borat is not *cough* my type *cough*.

    Coconuts rule! :D


    Aiyo amma, unga tamil romba kodumaiya irukku!
    lol but good effort, :)


  10. I love the way he sounds. Serisouly.

    Or is it the way you make him sound? ;)

    Intro please :P

  11. loffin loffin, i yam typin thees comment-a :P

    hilarious man! i had this computer teacher from orissa. always said "colj aarkoot, wopen gugal and serdj"

  12. ROTFL... i was looking at a heap of unopened mails in my inbox, and then your blog came in my reader.. hilarious... it made my monday morning :)

  13. this is funny. i did feel a little bad for the guy though...we're not native speakers of english anyways. i wonder why people make a big deal out of poking fun at those who have a funny accent or some such thing...

  14. oops tht was really funny !!!! like ur writing !!!

  15. Hey, like ur writing but just want to say that most of the accents that you mentioned do not belong to " defective" is not "debective". its more like "dephectibhe". Its the V sounds that are changed to "bha"

  16. ........ and we call Australians racist

  17. Lol. accurate to the core.. Everytime I read this got reminded of an Oriya friend of mine.. Leetil leetil, resht, baysht..and other stuff too.. Sooober!! Keep it going :)

  18. I am living the experience daily.. and could listen to the voices talking all that you have written :D Its great.. and accurate


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