I miss school.

Another year whizzes by. 2007 was a year to remember, a year that has left me wiser in more ways than one. 2007 was my year, a year that wil...

Another year whizzes by. 2007 was a year to remember, a year that has left me wiser in more ways than one. 2007 was my year, a year that will leave a very deep impact for more reasons than one. A year that I will love, a year that I will remember and a year that will make me go "what were you thinking?!". But what I'll miss most about 2007 was school.

The beginning of an end. School. 15 years of memories came to an end this 2007. From the hazy memories of preschool (Where I would watch other kids cry for their mommies with an expression of great amusement) to elementary school, where we would fight tooth and nail to be 'class leader', and the chosen ones would even 'mind the class' during lunch break (we later came to know that this way, they wouldn't have to eat the thayir saadham that their mummies had packed for them as they were in pursuit of discipline. And their mummies would look at them as though they had just led the Indian Army into battle or something.) Elementary school was also when we all got nicknames. Be it 'bad boy Vinod' or 'kutti krithikka' or 'cartoon shilpa'. The heights of wit, yeah? Our greatest obstacle in life was mathematics. Especially that 2 digit multiplication. I vividly remember my 2nd standard class teacher (useless as she was) suddenly giving us a 'multiplication test'. The question I got was '88 x 8' and frankly I was stumped. They were very big numbers to the average 7 year old. And I blinked a lot ( I didn't think much of multiplication then, so I had never practised my times tables) and she called me a "maramanndai" (wooden head person, which basically implied that I was a dunce) in front of everyone. I may have not known the tables but I did know what public humiliation was. And hell, I was GIRL! No one calls girls names! That day I vowed to learn tables in and out. Although, come to think of it, that day I had ice-cream (the coolest ice cream then too, chocobar) and called my teacher the unthinkable (at that time), namely 'loosu'. But then again, the lesson I learned was not 'learn tables in order to prevent humiliation' but 'if your teacher screams at you, have ice cream and call her a couple of names, you'll feel much better'. I know, I'm most wisdomous. I see her sometimes, whenever I go to the primary block and every time I do, my head automatically calculates 88 x 8 = 704. I smile whenever I think of that and she thinks I'm smiling at her and smiles back. Oh well.

Middle school was no better - we thought ourselves to be the heights of cool - playing truth or dare, 'teasing' and that absurd 10 names game. Bottomline was that we were far away from cool, waaay far. My favourite memory of middle school is my maths centum in the 8th standard final exam. I got a 68 in english and 100 in math (my marks are usually the other way round). I remember my class teacher telling me that she checked the papers around 3 times to make sure she didn't switch grades or something. I don't mind that English mark. I can score anytime, but that centum gave me such a high. I had achieved perfection,and even my maths teacher was appalled. "You got centum? you?!". Yes I did, and there is nothing you can do about it. (I was not a favourite, I used to sleep in class and submit incomplete work. But I studied for my final.)

High school, wow, High school. This is was character building stuff. The journey to maturity was not short, we passed through so many things, from 'pen games' to 'boy-girl games' to 'derrty jokes'. Junior College gave way to class politics and pointless power games and dating (which I can strongly say I never tried in school. Never).
Main School gave me a chance to start over again, and chances like those are rare. I was quite a favourite among the teachers (Yes, I know, I'm nauseating.). But my favourite was Mrs.SS, my math teacher in the 12th. She was brilliant, she's the reason I still have my 12th standard maths textbook. She demystified calculus for me, from scratch. 3 weeks before the boards. I had missed all my calculus classes thanks to the cultural hopping and would blink in her classes. Trignometric substitution and definite integrals drove me nuts. And that dreaded 'miscellaneous exercise' gave me nightmares. The sum I hated most was ∫tanx^4dx. Ugh, I still remember getting that 'kozhi muttai' (ZERO) in that sum in my half yearlies. But I know that sum now, I think.

School was something special to me, it made me believe that the world was a comfy place where everyone would be friendly. So much for that. The real world, well, sucks ya.

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  1. wow, a walk down teh memory lane.. i miss my school too.. all those days of fun.. and 'having an icecream and calling her names' idea made me laugh. (and some people from otehr cubicle are loking at me now.. :P hell with them.. i will laugh or cry when ever i want...)

    hope the coming years will give you good memories of your working place...

  2. Glad to know some people enjoyed their school years. :)

    Sounds like you did a lot of blinking. Also noticed you very conveniently left out the nickname *you* had in elementary school? Hmm, let me see: was it Thenga Mandai Lavanya? :P

    Very nicely written.

  3. haha! *evil laughs* I still have 2 more years!

    U got an i-phone? Ad maya wears gray contacts now. God, I have a LOT of updatement work to be done....

    Btw, I switched to wordpress and saved all my archives. Will mail you URL soon. Don't link me in your web-page. If you do, link me as "Raakshasi" or something weird.

  4. Yeah, Shyamala Shekar was god. Redefined math for me. Also my grades. :D

    *smiles nostalgically*

  5. :)

    i've always wanted to write a reminiscent post on school..but just never got around to doing it..and now i don't remember half the stuff that made all the years awesome! :(

    PS: how on earth do u still remember trig?!

  6. @Xh
    yep, to hell with them, we'll laugh when we want to laugh. :D

    It was either 'lollu lallu' or 'jollu lallu'. I'm going to say 'lollu lallu'.

    Yea if you stay inside putting scene u'll miss everything. :P
    Link anuppu, raakshashi.


    Trig left a very deep impact on me. I think im scarred for life.

  7. hey coolll my skool lyf was kinda similar.......reading ur blog i feel like writing bout mine but no i wont....also i feel like using a couple of tamil words in my blog...[again i no i wont] but its da feeling dat counts......n i hated my 2nd std teacher... btw,u in chennai rite??which skool were u in?? n happpy new year.....happy blogin

  8. makes me nostalgic . . .i miss my school too :( . ..sniff

  9. Well,I am new to reading your blog, you write really well. I am exactly 10 years your senior (wowwwwwwW)...but SS did TAKE Maths for me at Main School...amazing to see she still does the same for students. I have had the pleasure of being her pet and enjoyed some of my best memories in that school.

  10. (tanx)^4 dx
    ∫tan^2 x (sec^2x - 1) dx
    ∫tan^2 x sec^2x dx - ∫tan^2x dx
    let u = tan x du = sec ^2 x dx
    ∫u^2 du - ∫tan^2x dx
    1/3 u^3 - (tan x - x) + c
    1/3 (tan x)^3 - tan x + x + c


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