Monkey say, monkey do.

We are dignified people, we shall take victories and losses in equal grace but call me a monkey and give me dreadlocks it sure feels good to...

We are dignified people, we shall take victories and losses in equal grace but call me a monkey and give me dreadlocks it sure feels good to go IN YOUR FACE, SUCKERS!. Amen.

I pity Harbhajan Singh, the poor guy is facing so much flak because he said 'monkey'. Mind, if saying 'monkey' were a crime, my parents would have been jailed for multiple offenses a very long time back.
[Especially my dad. He has really creative ways of saying it, i.e 'joker monkey', 'monkey brain', 'mad monkey' and sometimes even combinations - 'mad joker monkey' etc. My mother prefers 'koranngu'].
The point being, ol' bhajji could have said a million other things but he went for monkey. I believe, strongly that monkey is not a racist term in any aspect. More so because -
1.Monkeys do not refer to colour/race in any way.
2.Hell, we were all monkeys once.
3.It could have been a compliment, monkeys are revered in India.

What the Indian team really needs is a sledging 'Mental Disintegration' coach (
I do believe Australia is in possession of one). Someone experienced, someone who can swear in multiple languages and someone who can throw words without being even mildly apologetic about it. Someone like my mom when she's driving in T.Nagar.

Oh yes.

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  1. Ms.Chutney, On a humorous note well monkey doesn't sound that derogatory a word for most Indians and may be as u say we could well have "Symonds-Jayanathi" on his b'day and have "vennai" caressed all over his rather over-blown lips :)

    On a Serious Note

    "Monkey" IiiSsss Considered racist in many parts of the world esp in Birmingham[England], where Symonds actually hail from.

    We were having this huge debate in the "Infosys Bulletin Board" in Bangalore on how Bhaji got into the Soup without even realizing the fact he would be the centre of media-attraction after the Sydney test.

    This is also partly due to the Over whelming Indian Media shadowing a few incidents which "The Mirror" and "The Sydney Herald" manage to bring out

    1) This was not the 1st time Bhaji had called Symonds with that 4 lettered word, it had already happened once in Mumbai and it was quite evident with the video clips which had Ponting say to Bhaji "dis s de seaconndd taimee maite"(This is the 2nd time mate) with an action so powerful i thught the aussie skip had joined the opposition Dravidian Party.

    2) He never said Monkey in the first place it seems he used a word which more relate to the "Monkey Kingdom" which evidently was heard only by Hayden and Clarke, after which Symonds went and kept hissing Bhaji "Souu amm ai a Munkay(So am i a monkey) confirming the same in another video clip(Courtesy-"Canberra")

    ...First place poor Bhaji dint know Monkey was racially so abusive. That is what Steve Waugh wrote in a column in "The Mirror" the Turmoil was basically due to the Cultural Difference and Conflicting Living Behavior.

    This is just similar to the statement made by Shane Warne when once he termed our Bating Genius as " ...that Brilliant Bastard" which according to any Australian would translate to "Bloke" or "Dude" but 4 any Indians "They would have felt Sreesanth was the most well Behaved on the field"

    ... On the coaching front for Mental Disintegration & Sledging, i would suggest India to replace "Kirsten" with "Materazzi" as our National Coach. who knows like Italy we might snatch the 2011 WC :-)

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  3. but the guy DOES look like a monkey, so whats al the hue and cry about? :D

  4. @srivats
    Pah, orey analysis.
    And yeah, culturally monkey does mean different things for different people, for all you know Harbahajan could have been calling admiring his muscles and referred to him as 'bajrang bali'. :D
    "Namma character-ey purinjukka maateengaraanga"

    You're a man in pursuit of truth. I salute you.

  5. lol yea, small issue, blown outta proportion!!

  6. Well... yeah, monkeys and cows are special, and so is every other animal here thats associated with some arbit Hindu God/Godess (which practically makes it every living animal I can think of except the dodo and the ostritch perhaps)

    But calling an Aussie a monkey..hmm... thats someting bajji should think about in his room. :D

    Lol on parental language. :D
    My mom uses loos-u on the roads. :D

  7. The story is Bajji actually used "Maa ki", which in chaste tamil is "Ummala".

    The idiot that Symonds is got this as monkey and started sulking.

    Next time somebody (I want to include your mom or dad, but then its not polite) calls you monkey just confirm what they actually mean.


  8. @busy writer
    Typical Indian Media.

    @Confounded Lady
    Paavum bhajji, the guy was obviously provoked and I bet bhajji didn't stop with monkey once he was safe within the 4 walls of his room.

    Umala is so not racist, the OZ use 'bastard' as an endearing term. And besides they are famous for their sledges, this matter is so puny in comparison. I remember the McGrath-Sarwan incident:

    McGrath:So how did Lara's butt taste like?
    Sarwan:I don't know, ask your wife
    McGrath (coming onto sarwan and pointing his finger menacingly): You fucking talk about my wife I'll fucking rip your fucking throat.

    See what I mean? This is NOTHING in comparison to what the Aussies are capable of.

    Also, I'm pretty sure my parents call me a monkey. The indian pronounciation stresses on the N.

  9. Err... small typo.

    McGrath:So how did Lara's *dick* taste like?

    I hope I am not making the fair maiden that you are blush with my coarse language.

    I was kidding on the parents bit. And in case you dint get it I am on Bhajji's side.

  10. Do you really think when Harbhajan 'allegedly' called Symonds a monkey, it was in the same vein as when your father calls you a monkey? It is considered a racist word in the western world, and Symonds and Harbhajan had a talk in India where Symonds explained why monkey was racist. In spite of that if Harbhajan had gone on and said monkey, he's not got my sympathy.

    Trying to sweep racism under the carpet by saying that monkey is not a racist term does not seem right to me.

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  12. @Ok
    Ah, my mistake. Such errors must not creep in.
    Lol, i knew you were kidding btw.

    Peter, peter, peter. Where do I start?

    Harbhajan didn't say monkey.
    He said 'maa ki'

    'Teri Maa ki' which is a popular catch phrase in Mumbai and also other places, its used to attract attention of a person who doesn’t respond to you when one calls him using his actual name.

    Unfortunately, the Australians suffer from selective deafness.

    Also, if monkey were racist, what about Kangaroos and Kiwis? Are they racist too? Ganguly is famously referred to as the "Bengal Tiger". Is he being racially abused?

    Former Aussie coach, John Buchanan was asked whether the word monkey should be considered racist. Buchanan wrote in his column on the ABC website, “When I was growing up as a young fellow, ‘you little monkey’ was a common colloquial reference for all children due to our ability to be a bit cheeky at times.”
    Former Indian Cap'n and Fourth Umpire Kris Srikanth was asked the same question. He replied saying that, “I was often called a monkey even while batting on the pitch. Never thought it could be racist.”

    Sports columnist Peter Roebuck said that Ponting is leading a team that is a pack of wild dogs.
    Why isn't he being banned then?

    In Indian mythology, we worship Hanuman (Bajrangbali) as a god. And as depicted in the Ramayana, Hanuman was a monkey. And hence in India, the word monkey is a virtue, not a vice. Bhajji was definitely not referring to Symonds as a god, but nor can it be taken to be racist due to its cultural connotations.

    Racism is generally not tolerated in any part of the world, which is why in the modern world, the word 'nigger' is found only in 50 cent's music. There are phrases that exist in the English such as ‘quit monkeying around’, ‘A monkey on one’s back’, ‘make a monkey out of’ etc which are used internationally. If the word monkey had any racist connotations, whatsoever, then these phrases would have been discouraged from use and banned long back.

    Just so happens that Indians also have their own history of being victims to racial slurs, courtesy the Englishmen [Dogs and Indians Not Allowed, remember?]

    Some people are hypersensitive these days. I am so very sure that Symonds would have used more offensive terms in his cricketing career against other players.

    We understand the whole 'western values' and the 'international co-operation' bit. But hey, there's an eastern side to this planet as well. And we have values, different maybe, but aren't they to be respected as well?

    I'm just telling what I believe, its up to you to decide whether or not I'm right. If you think I'm wrong, you can be sure that I'll be willing to give up sleep to argue my point though :)

  13. gosh dunno if i can keep up the terndz of looooooooong commments.....will sure try tho.........n btw u left out monkey in ur tag.......n yeah i sure agree with u lol lol big time lol......hehheeeheeeeee

    n my moms stopped swearing while driving..tho my uncle still does.......sigh guess dats ur posts..... rock on

  14. Ms.Chutney

    Nail on de Head !!!

    ur damn God fuckin right...

    To add to all those amimal
    namings the Aussies r themselves called "The-Kangroos"

    On the Sledging front the McGrath-Sarwan is jus one der s a lot more to it esp the whcky replies Eddo Brandes gave and if u find time run thru this blog quite humorous

    ...and if any1 is willing 2 prove it wrund don worry we always have this 24*7 Business Model where u take the day time to rag those poor souls makin a grave mistake of goin against u and obv Sittin in an Software Industry durin the nights is no real fun and may be i culd have sum fun of my own

    Duhh... s der any1 contradicting to the above comments :)

    Hail Ceaser !

  15. @Harini
    Lol, long comment or no long comment, thanks!

    :D mikka nandri!

    I just remembered, how many times would have you called TR a 'karadi kong' ?
    Aren't you being racist as well?


  16. We all stand for BHAJJI... Calling someone a black monkey is a racist remark. But, calling someone a "monkey" is never racism. One good thing was, whole India stood together for Harbhajan against Oz. U must hav seen Sidhu's comments on NDTV that night. Twas a pleasure to hear... Kizhi Kizhi Kizhi nu Kizhichchuttan!!!!

    PS:Y, these dayz, not visiting my blog!!!

  17. he actually said teri ma ki? :O :O :O

    it isn't racist, btu it certainly isn't a 'catch phrase', my dear chutney case :P

    to the best of my knowledge, it is ketta vaarthai onli.

    left a comment yesterday, don know what happened to it

  18. i been thinking only one thing all the while - the guy DOES look like a monkey, with all that hair, and his lips painted, so why is he raising a hue and cry?

    and some sports columnist i read, he had said, the monkeys ought to feel insulted and racially abused, not symonds :D

  19. They surely need one..our team :)
    briliantly said!!!

  20. The guy sure looks like like a monkey and that's exactly why he got offended! Andhe ko andha nahi kehna chahiye, buddhe ko buddha nahi kehna chahiye.. monkey ko.. lol
    And Bhajji said teri maa ki to that non Hindi speaking fellow? Damn! Then Bhajji just wasted it on him!

    PS: I see this comments section has a few posts too *rolls eyes*


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