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"Smart Parking". Basement, Chennai Citi Centre.

"Smart Parking".
Basement, Chennai Citi Centre.

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  1. Benefits of having an IPhone, eh?


  2. lol, any and every 8k (& upwards) phone has a 2mp camera.

  3. Very sensible sign. There's no saying which of your belongings might suddenly spring to life and chomp at some handy body part. Look! No hands!

  4. ROTFL.. that funny.. kind of 'transformers' like, eh?

  5. i telling u ..we all becoming like that vonly... bad joke i guess...lol its soooo awesone to have a mobile cam... n dat too so much clarity n resolution

  6. beware of your belongings? they're acting as if its a possibility that your handbag is gonna turn into a monster and eat you up!

  7. hahaha..... this one really made me laugh.
    I mean really.

    Beware of your belongings...

    its still cracking me up. :D


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