I had a perfectly perfect idea for a post. Honest. It had all the elements of a chutneyfied post - a normal day, normal weather, normal peop...

I had a perfectly perfect idea for a post. Honest. It had all the elements of a chutneyfied post - a normal day, normal weather, normal people doing normal things and making normal small and ofcourse, my incredible talent to disrupt it all. But as I typed, I realized it would be normal. It was then that I decided I'd do something out of the ordinary. So instead of me writing the post, I
figured I'd write, rather ghost write in the same style as some of my favourite bloggers.
Hopefully, you'll figure out what happened.

Cha! I konjam messed up yesterday. Already I'm a bit nervous when it comes to driving in traffic but yesterday I really goofed. What happened was that I was nice a minding my own business and driving. I saw this girl on the road. She was super pretty! So I decided I'd brake to get a closer look. What I didnt notice was that one loosu was behind me on the bike. Damaal! he crashed into my car and fell off. And in seconds one big crowd gathered around me and started shouting at me and all. Pah! Any normal guy would have got samma tense. But since I'm sooooo special na, they let me off. Ram's charm :)
What else, that was my exciting story of the day. As usual I looked orey sexy and spent twenty minutes in front of the mirror. Now that I don't talk with loosies and all, I get more time for important things like this ;)
Seri, sleepy now. I'll go taatchi.

Yet another entry into the Shenoy Book of Records. The 156th entry into the aforesaid Bestseller would be "Disruption of traffic for the 34th time for no apparent reason." The 33 other stories, I will save for another day, but this one story, I promise is the stuff legends are made of.
It was a splendid day, and I was cruising in my Bentley Lookalike, the Maruti 800. As I was performing one of my expert maneouvres (namely, trying to move the gear stick) I realized that I had forgotten about my car's mammoth horsepower decided that it would be a good time to test my Bentley 800's Ferrari-speeding capabilites. They were indeed excellent. I realized that my car could now go at 40 km/hr without sounding like a horse on a treadmill. What I didn't realise was there was a good man admiring my car (which I don't blame him for, who can resist its ultra super good looks) and was so mersmerized that he was following it in his bike in order to get a better view. And in order to help him in his noble quest, I braked. And he got a super view indeed, including the stuff in my car's trunk, a bonus privilege that I so generously added. He gave a squeal of excitement, and before I knew it, an entire horde gathered to fawn over my car. And boy, they were an excited lot, I could tell from all that swearing. It took some time for them to calm down and let me go again. My car has that effect on people. Oh well, yet another day when Narendra Shenoy adds excitement to the mundane life of the middle class with his happening lifestyle.

There's a part 2 to this, with some of my other favourites being featured, along with the original story. Coming very, very, soon!

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  1. Dirty trick, chutney! Dirty trick. But it was sooo nice:). And I did actually see a very pretty girl yesterday. Actually, illa. I saw only photo.

  2. thanks!
    Enna, next target kandupidichitya? :P

  3. Hahahahaha! This was awesome! You're a perfect imitator, at least when it comes to writing styles. ;)
    *cheers and hoots*
    More. :D

  4. Hahaha, well done. Small nit- I have never heard Ok say "goofed". And you forgot the Wodehouse reference in Naren's version. :D

  5. HaHaHa! You're wicked, girl, but it was so hilarious that you are excused. Others abide our question. Thou art free.

    And while the blogosphere is known for it's good manners and decency, there is a muted whisper going around that the Chutney is better than the Shenoy. And also OK.

  6. No di, loosu! You have one brain cell left I think.

  7. hahahahahahahahaha!

    havent really read too many Shenoy posts but just to get into the mood for this, i went and did that and trust me, ur rendition is hilarious!

    esp tat of OK's...super super funny :D the icing on the cake was the end...goin to thatchi! hahahaha!

  8. *grin, the shenoy version had me laughing!

  9. WOW!! Purrfect.. I went to OK's blog to see how similar the writings were.. Lol!! goodiee! Loads of effort nay?

  10. @Sk


    lol, Ok's vocabulary is only slowly expanding.
    And the wodehouse reference would be the Bentley. :)


    Welcome baaack!!

    no post of ok's is complete without him going taatchi/admiring himself in the mirror/telling everyone how sexy he is.
    and thanks for all those nice words! :D

    Hakuna Matata
    I had a great time writing both, lol. thanks!

    You got it :)

    Lol, a bit of work maybe. Just a bit.
    After that, its just incredible talent all the way ;)


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