I spy with my little eye...

Spied in PNB, Calicut. I'm mildly evil, I know. Glossary : Kutty: Tamil for chicks. Also a Popular Mallu surnam...

Spied in PNB, Calicut.
I'm mildly evil, I know.

Kutty: Tamil for chicks.
Also a Popular Mallu surname.

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  1. Hahaha! U sure u din't customize it??? ;)

  2. @neon
    lol i know

    cha cha, this was a result of intensive spy cam techniques. Naangalaam Tehelka-key Techniques sollithandha parambarai. ;)

  3. Ayo, ayo, teriyama poche...It would've been of sooo much help...Cha!

  4. So whats the story? Is it just a file with the word Kutti? Or, is there more to it? Why am I asking so many question?

  5. ho, ee kuttide oru kaaryam.. ;)

  6. @preeti
    mikka nandri

    What you see is what you get.
    The office is full of such files.
    Your mama has a very interesting job, dontcha think?

    lol, mansilayee. ;)

  7. Divine intervention :-? ;)

    P.S. yayy chutney the back :)

  8. kutty phone number vera irukku..iru iru phone panni solren...nee avar file vechi dakalti velai lam panren nu...

  9. @mayth
    yay, is right.

    aiye thu

    thoda, ivvuru periya polskaaru, vantaaru phone panna. :p
    And remba thanks for the link - finally!

  10. Is "Kutties" is the plural of "Kutty"? I have a great idea for a song.
    Kutties in a file
    That is what we are
    papers in between
    Keeping us afar.....

  11. lol lol lol

    Kutties in a file
    You'd think that its a curse
    But we are here only 'cause
    We got no cash in our purse....

  12. I smell the making of a chartbuster.
    Hell, if Himoosh can sell records, "Kutties" is going to be a legend.
    I know it.

  13. aha! scandalous office 'matters' - Mr.Kutty & His kutties. evil stuff is good. ;)

    lol@himoosh bhai.

  14. Hahahaha! It took me a little whole to get it! :p Damn funny! That's why I love languages. See how they make everyday things so comical! :D
    Is the 'u' sound in Kutty short or long? If it's long, I've a wicked disease in mind. :p

  15. * a little WHILE, I meant.

  16. I thought I posted a comment, but it seems to have disappeared. Hope you didn't delete it. Grr...
    Kutties in a file
    Kutties with hair full of oil
    Tamil, Mallu, etc., all desi kutties
    Aiyo, wat a bunch of delish booties!


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