But where has all the rum gone?

Problem : I'm broke. Honestly. I have no cash. My wallet looks fat but then again, that's because of all the bills and tickets that ...

I'm broke. Honestly. I have no cash. My wallet looks fat but then again, that's because of all the bills and tickets that I stuff in. My liquidity is at an all time low. This is especially stupid since I don't use cash for anything other than auto or coffee and still clock a rather formidable 4 digit figure every month. My parents call me the in-house Stock Market, since their money always disappears where I'm concerned.

I know I'm spending, but I just don't know what I'm spending it on. I don't have a fixed pocket money system. It's the 'ask-and-you-shall-get' system which is followed at home, which is convenient from my point of view since there's pretty much no limit. But then again, being a 19 year old these days is no cheap joke.

Conveyance is one major issue. The Auto guys in Chennai are of a different breed. The word "meter" evokes laughter/head-slapping or the statement "Enna oorr-ku pudusa?" (are you new in town?). I don't even know why they bother installing that contraption here. So a trip from my place to the Office takes a good 60 bucks. Double that, and that's like the minimum I spend per day. Hey, before everyone gets all public transportation on me, let me tell you, I used to take the bus, until I had to experience a close encounter of the uncle kind. I will not step into a bus, no way. Dad dropping me is one possibility but I get second preference for destination which means I have to take a joyride around the city before I get to office so, that doesn't work out great either. Two-wheelers are out of question as well, since my parents are paranoid of the traffic. So until I get my own car,I have pretty much no choice but to spend on Ricks.

I'm not in a relationship. More savings you'd think what with most of my committed friends going "Aiyyo Amma" everytime I ask them about their wallet scenario. Also, I recently read in some newspaper that if you were to save only the money you spent on your respective girlfriend/boyfriend you can fund a trip to the Whats-it islands north of the Bermuda triangle. Not true, since the philosophy is that if you want to spend, you will spend. I'm a perfect example. I spend enough to make people believe that I'm not in one relationship, but in 3.

But I do have a social life. Going out for coffee with the gang means more money flying out of the window. And you meet up with these guys only once a month and what better way to talk about the good ol' times than spending on double priced drinks?

Going for a movie isn't too cheap either. Movie tickets are 100 bucks per head, minimum if you want to go to a decent Multiplex like Satyam or Inox. I think Six Degrees charges nearly 150.
I went to Inox in Bangalore and spent 300 bucks on a ticket once. We saw Welcome. Don't ask, I'm still in pain.

I don't spend on phone recharge. That's because I'm on postpaid. And its CUG postpaid. Which means no one knows how much I blow per month, except me. And Dad's bills are always over the top so I get away scot-free.

Clothes, shoes, accessories, I don't spend cash. Credit card only.

So in the end, it all boils down to Autorickshaws. But I think my parents, even with all their "In my days my weekly allowance was Rs. 10" speeches are okay with that. After all, its better to spend on Ricks than on Ricky.

Excuse me while I marvel at my own wit.

Suggestions on how to pinch my penny are welcome.

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  1. If you are really looking at a suggestion..Let me give a piece of my brain...

    Smile to a ricky once in every week..That way u get a driver-cum-bodyguard-cum-assistant-cum-porter.It will also help to boost ur social image..Bwaaahhhhhh....

    Sorry Poor joke :(

    spending on autos is better anyday, i think :P

  2. "In my days my weekly allowance was Rs. 10".... no seriously, it was. Am I so old?!! :--)
    In my days Auto was a luxury, damn you rich cribbing folks ;--)

    Man, India's increasing cost of living never fails to leave me astonished. 100 bucks for a movie ticket?!
    I think best option is to go with Dad to work, from what I can see, I never had that luxury.

  3. If it wasn't for Chennai, I would have admonished you :p

  4. ah. penny pinching tips. if you get any, tell me. my situation is just as bad.

  5. hey was blog hopping and came across yours:). . .
    I spend an entire 15 minute in the blazing sun arguing with the rickshaw drivers only to end up paying what they ask...They cant even be bargained with.boo hoo..I am convinced that turning into an auto driver would be good money and will be befitting to our transportation!!

  6. Why does one worry about cash, allowances when ATMs such as Amma, run by Bank of Appa is conveniently located at the house? :D

    Just my two pennies...Maybe striking a deal with the autowallah for a fixed monthly rate might cut down a few bucks. :)

  7. The rum has gone for a toss....

    My bank statement looking like a dwindling of share market...Even faster...!!

    Could never keep the Tabs..


    I can imagine that..... Exactly

  8. i've lived on 1000 rupees a month, not too long ago. today, i earn a lot more. yet, one thing hasn't changed - i get broke by the 20th of every month.

    PS: i might have downed the rum, i don't know. was a lil inebriated last evening *hic*

  9. oh, giving up the credit card migth help - it did, to me at least :)

  10. hm.. it is one thing that really dont change.. i am as broke still as whn i was @ college.. no change aft i start earning.. and yea, no good having no gf.. i still blow up money with my gang.. :(

  11. hey, where did you get that widget from? the one showing a preview of recent post of other bloggers? tell me no pleez, i have googled for four hours, then murdered my ego before posting this :|

  12. LOL....
    @ ~~the ugly coyote~~
    that's the Widget from Google Reader......

    Subscribe to Google Reader
    * Home
    * All items (1)
    * Starred items
    * Trends
    * Your shared items


    Put a clip on your site or blog
    You can also copy and paste code to put a clip of your shared items on your site.....

    You are NOT the FIRST PERSON to ask this!!!!


  13. Touching! But not uncommon. Even the misses P. Hilton and B. Spears, to take a couple of random examples, have the same complaint. Despite having enough money, respectively, to take autorickshaws to the moon, they too are as broke as the ten commandments.

    Conclusion: It is not the actual sums involved, it is the love of life, the zest for la vie, the romance de la existence, the passion pour ooh la la that makes the situation what it is. You will have to change something.

    1. Lifestyle change: Join a nunnery

    2. Operational change: Buy a gun and point it at the auto guy when the time comes to discuss accounts. He might be more willing to reconsider pricing issues. The legality of this measure is slighty doubful, though.

    3. Geographical change: Move to a cheaper location like Beverly Hills or downtown Tokyo

  14. and isn't the dialog, why is the rum always gone? :p

  15. Hahahaha, I ONLY faced this problem when I used to live alone. And my outings were not once a month. They were every weekend. :P And I never figured out how to save. So sowwie, no suggestions on pinching front.
    Now, it's all okay. No allowance, nothing. Open demands like, "I want 500 bucks for a movie + coffee session. Now, come on, I am a nice kid!" and some bambi eyes for mom/dad/whosever is your favourite. That's it. Task done. If you've been good throughout the past 3-4 days, there's no whining on the lines of you-spend-too-much either. :P I think I'll follow this system till I get out of college or get a job or both.

  16. Hey, as long as u have a nice 'ask-and-you-shall-get' system, why worry? Maybe u'r dad should do a post and call it 'where has all the rum gone? ;)
    On a second thought, I think my kollu thaatha was right. Early marriage helps.

  17. @Superficial
    Aiye thu! :P And yea, ricks are better than buses anyday.

    Lol, its just that I go 45 minutes late if I am to go with dad, so that doesn't work out great.

    poda, you know about namma ooru autokaarans

    Will do. facebook! :D

    Pah, they're a separate breed of people, no?

    Lol, those are my sources of funds - World bank of Appa, Corporation Bank of Amma (since she asks me soo many questions :P ) and ofcourse 2 debit cards and a credit card.
    Thanks for the tip btw, we are looking at that as well.

    @rushme & xh
    lol, looks like we're in the same boat alright

    give up my card, no way, how do i buy stuff then? Lalu needs stuff. :/

    I love that widget! :D I got it while using Blogger in draft. But rushme down there has given you another solution too :)


    You are indeed a pillar of wisdom, I salute you. I'll say more when I stop laughing. :D

    Adhu pona masam, idhu indha maasam!

    well, thats what I do right now, so ...;) Foolproof right?

  18. @Arun
    lol, yeah he keeps saying something like "verayam" whenever I ask him for money. And early marriage n all, romba lollu. I need to find someone who can afford me. :P

  19. u must have thought of it but just in case, did u think of share auto or sharing the auto with a few people? that might help.

    also 10 bucks ticket at inox is as good as the 150. u could try that too. saves a ton:)

  20. ..pesama next kerala tripku ready aazhidu...company will finance all your travel & Coffee expenses...

  21. Hummm.. I don't follow. When you need money your mom is giving, no. So what's the issue?

    The well never dries up.


    P.S. Nayar chaaya costs Re. 3 and tastes as good as Barista chai latte. I suggest you get your friends to Nayar chaaya.

  22. you could sign up for a bunch of credit cards offering 0.0% introductory APR for six months. keep switching balances from one card to the other every six months. That way, you have a revolving balance than will never get paid and you can still be rich. BUT THIS IDEA WILL ONLY WORK IN COUNTRIES WITH NO CREDIT TRACKING SYSTEM.

    after you've maxed up all your credit cards, you can change your identity and live on an island.

  23. ..I still love Madras though.

    Auto kaarans et al.

  24. Am Recruitubg People to Rob a Bank.Mail me if interested

  25. @ the ugly Coyote:Blogger has an easier way of getting that done. visit http://draft.blogger.com login and take a look at the Gadgets in the Layout Section.There is a Gadget called Feeds. There are tonnes of gadgets...check them out...

  26. Enjoy the days of "ask and get" while they last...Once u get ur own solid money, it would no longer just be pocket money, it would be your ONLY money...And it is never ever enough...I've been workin for one pichai salary and adulaye my parents sometimes expect me to have some 'savings'...yea rite!

    And my suggestions, which i never follow anyway:

    1. Go to the beach instead of a coffee shop

    2. Eat from home and go and scene pottufy that ur on a diet (noone would believe me even if i said this, but ellam oru attempt dan)

    3.If you do have to go to a coffee shop, then dutch - Scene pottufy again and say,"I can NEVER finish an entireeeee cold coffee, someone plz share...??" and then silently split the cost also..tee hee..clever!?? :D

    4.On the auto issue, there's not much of respite i can offer cuz i go thru the same thing every day...I start my dad with "mo...fu...choo...ba..." like a mantra cuz i have to catch an auto to work! Bus and 2 wheeler r not even close options for me as well...Dad drops me in the mornin these days, evenings, i fix the amount im gonna pay for auto in my mind...Ill carry just that much money wit me (= less than pichakaran's daily earnings)and walk till im close enough to get an auto for that distance...


    Btw, room pottu yosikala, office dan en room ;)

  27. Would have loved to travel to work in Chennai, travel is so easy. With the exception of the autowaallahs, train and bus services are awesome. Try commuting in my place(Bombay), have to use either the local train or the taxi, autos are not even allowed in my area....


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