Moving Day!

Machis, Maaplais and Galeej Boys. As a fervent participant of the Aiyiyo-I'm-screwed-if-they-find-out-about-this-blog-in-office moveme...

Machis, Maaplais and Galeej Boys.

As a fervent participant of the Aiyiyo-I'm-screwed-if-they-find-out-about-this-blog-in-office movement, I have moved. Kindly look to (I could have just shifted to another blog host instead of getting my own domain, but then again, that's not me now, is it?) for your dose of fresh chutney.

As a follow up to the aforesaid revolution, I will be deleting the blog as well, hence making the old bloglink pretty much useless.

Romba thank you.

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  1. what difference does it make??

  2. make sure you save your older posts, i know that if u move to wordpress u can just carry over your old posts to ur new blog

  3. nice domain name!

    I know how it feels to own a dot com, so congrats!

    but then why still blogger? do i hear wordpress callin?

  4. Heheh anonymity helps! :--)

  5. gradwolf,
    illa it does. blogger automatically directs you into this blog if you search for my real name. Not nice.
    henceforth i shall be referred as she-who-must-not-be-named-by-her-real-name.

    I am like so confused with all this webmaster stuff. Will blogger automatically make my old link obsolete? I shifted using google domains for an apparently seamless transition.
    Blogger vandhu pazhe link 3 days dhaan active-a irukkumnnu sollithu. After that auto direction will come.
    Either way, I dont want my colleagues to find my damn (but awesome) blog on google's search results.
    Sucks theriyuma. :/
    Dude, you majorly use your real name n all so be tres ushaar (french n tamil, deadly) ok?

    i know, awesome.
    Btw, i like blogger. Its clean. But I've created a wordpress ID anyway so backup available. :)

    Lol, i wish I knew that before. ;)

  6. Yay! Congrats on your new domain. :) :)

  7. linkin u up.. btw varsha pappa is cho cuuuuuuuuute

  8. why would you want to display your new domain on this blog? if people from work search for you, they are obviously going to follow you to your new domain. *shakes head and laughs*

  9. No Wordpresssss? Awww...

    You donno what you are missing. is even easier than Blogger... And keeps your old stuff too...

  10. pudhu site...congratulations!!!

    ...if you are not worried about page rank, blogroll, popularity, mannankatti etc then turn off search engines from indexing your blog...i did that and i get zero hits from search engines...

  11. Congrats, and it's a movement?! Btw, the image at the top of the page is broken.

  12. Coco'nut'case.....hmmm....correct dhaan.

  13. was the third one,"Galeej Boys" referring to any one in for Eg. is it me?? :P

  14. Change time huh???


    I dont know if it is something to congratulate, but everyone's doin it, so CONGRATULATIONS! :D

  15. Forgot to add,U could have named ur post::"Saroja Saaman Nikalo"..for a more Desi touch :)

  16. congratulations!! i've been wanting a domain name for sometime too..wher'd u get yours and how much did u pay?

  17. good choice chutney... search engine works wonderfully when the wrong peron search for your blog.. i just got busted :(

  18. nice domain name.. 'chutnycase' LOL... Google reader is pretty smart - it automatically updated ur link from old one to the new one... :)

  19. Ha! I told you so.


  20. wickedtaurus,

    of course she's cute! she's my sister after all. ;)

    mwe-he-he. I know a thing or two about erasing trails. search for my real name now and you'll get a twitter conversation talking about how my blog is awesome.

    I'm like this major google patron. Anyhow, a bit too late now, don't you think? :(

    romba thank you! Yeah, i did exactly that. for extra safety i put no index meta tags also. :)

    thanks! is it ok now? the whole moving thing took quite a toll on the first day.

    arun sundar

    es es, super name no? galeej boys. I should copyright it sometime. And lol i never thought of that saroja line, chancey illa!


    long story. Mine is from google though. Its the $10 plan. Hosted by eNom. I'll give you full details when I meet you. lol.

    ron lemon & ok
    yeah, this is possibly the one time I DONT wanna be popular.

    thanks! :D and google reader is very intelligent, I know. :)

  21. ..also add noarchive & nosnippet..

  22. Wow! Super.


  23. man!! i was slurping all the way looking at that picture!! haven't had good chutney in ages...

  24. Ah! My young chutney is all grown up.... colon-wo at new template. Awesome.

  25. Well, I'm a major Microsoft patron, but I don't use the suckiest blogging service on earth (Windows Live Spaces), do I? :P

    But, it's never too late - even more so that you've now got your own domain. Just get an account on, use the super-duper IMport tool there to get all your posts and comments up, and then upgrade your account to use That's it ;)

    Try the import part first, play around with Wordpress and think about it. Wordpress has some awesome features that Blogger doesn't....


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