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The 15th day of August, 2008. India awoke 61 years ago at the stroke of midnight this very day. I awoke at 5 am though, I had a 6 hour Fina...

The 15th day of August, 2008.
India awoke 61 years ago at the stroke of midnight this very day.

I awoke at 5 am though, I had a 6 hour Financial Management class (no shit!) to look forward to.
Independence Day has unfortunately been "just another day off" for me all these years. Except for the one time in 9th standard when we bullied and begged people living around my school to donate blood (I will unashamedly say that I even managed to get a hooker to donate. Skill!), I doubt I have done anything worthwhile. It was looked forward to only because it was a mandatory Government Holiday. Sometimes I wish I was more patriotic, in a practical way, like working around in charities and blood donation drives etc, in my spare time instead of trying to break my own record for longest time a person can stare at the ceiling (personal record - 2 hours!) and assessing the differences between blowing bubble gum bubbles and chewing gum bubbles. I haven't been able to contribute to society as much as I'd like to, clearly.
Today was different though. I learnt what real freedom was.
Yes, freedom. It feels like butterscotch-nut-icecream and big-snuggly-bear-hugs and god-of-war-II-special-attack-moves rolled in one, I kid you not.
I hadn't charged my phone the previous night and the night before, which meant my battery was beyond low. My morning alarm was the last straw. Apple's automated owner abuse messages started popping up (Warning! only 10% battery!) but I decided to take it to class anyway. Halfway through class, I realized I didn't know where it was. Panic! Thankfully, Mom later found it in the backseat of the car and I got this "You don't deserve a phone" lecture and then she decided not to give it to me. My break was getting over (It was a 45 minute breakfast break and I had rushed home to take a shower. Class can make you get pretty ripe, if you know what I mean) but gave them my "sorry" face anyway. Didn't work. So I left without my phone.

Class got over at 1 (After much pleading and "Pleeeeease Pattaaaaabhi sirrr"s). And just like that, I was out, in the awesomer part of the city (Nungambakkam!) and I didn't have my phone, ie -
Amma couldn't call me to ask me where I was.
Amma couldn't call me to ask when I was coming back home.
Amma couldn't call me to ask me to come home ASAP instead of wasting time hanging about.
Amma couldn't call!!

I was free. Free to do what I wanted. Free to go to my favourite book store. Free to buy stuff. Free to have lunch where ever I wanted. FREE. Free, I tell you. It felt delicious! It was at that moment I realized what Gandhi & Co had sacrificed for. It took my own irresponsibility (tossing my phone about in the car) to absorb the actual magnitude of the feeling of freedom. I think I was frozen, but only for a moment, and I had to break free from my newfound thought flow more so because this was on the middle of the main road and an auto guy was honking really hard and pointing and saying, well, nasty things.
But I made Mr.Honk-honk-honk stop and made him take me home anyway. As I handed out the cash I owed to him, he looked up and asked me -
"Yenma, Inikki Sugandhira dhinam dhaane?"
(Today is independance day right?)
"Sun TV-la inikki saaingaalam enna special padam?"
(Whats the special movie on Sun TV today?)

Happy Independance Day.

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  1. Its 'Freedom' for me only when I have my phone in my hands.

    And btw, enna padam innikku sun tv'la?

  2. Thiruvalayaadal Arambam. Which I liked, actually. It was fun.

  3. Also, you dont have your Amma calling you every 2 minutes 43 seconds asking you about your present whereabouts so I do think that we're in slightly different situations here.

  4. Hi,

    I started reading your blog recently, even though I dont know you personally.
    Man..I should say its totally addicting and love the way you write.
    I can relate myself to you so much in certain characteristics.
    I think you ROCK... and there add me to your fan list!


  5. Andha kaalathula, naangalum appadi dhaan irundhom....Once one grows up, getting out of the '2 mins 43 secs' syndrome isn't all that big deal. Your day will come.

  6. O Maaan! I totally fogrot today's the 15th of August! See, this is what living in the land of Red-Indians does to you! But hey, in my defence, we're singing 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' tomorrow to celebrate both the 61st Independence Day and the 20th Anniversary of the song!! Great no?
    I'm louweing itch!

  7. Oops!! waat a blender, I say!! It is 61 yrs of independence and 62nd Independence Day! Pliss furgiuvwe and don't furget!

  8. lol, but you still caught a rick and chamatha went back home? that's what good girls without phone do :p

  9. I guess the point is that with your new found freedom, you did exactly what you would've done without it? Hmm...all this build up for a non-event, sounds like one of my posts. :)

    BTW, Kaalaile kulikaama classukku poniya? chi chi :D

  10. @arun
    waiting waiting waiting :)

    Gasp! u forgot a? =O
    Have fun singing!
    Oops!! waat a blender, I say!!
    ..more than a blender, stith-gaaru, I would say it was just a simple case of a mixie.
    (Lol! couldnt resist!)

    with great power comes great responsibility :P

    lol, buildup is right! The inherent philosophy is that no matter what freedom I get, I'm too lazy to do anything other than go home and sleep. And alo! The class was split into 6 am to 9am and 9.45 to 1. We got a breakfast break and I was squeaky clean for the next session. Poda. :P

  11. What if I'd had a mobile phone during my student days? I shudder to think!! My mom never knew where I was most of the time!! On the other hand my love life'd have been much better!;)

  12. Dhanush is fraud#1. My mom hates the ground he walks on. All the more reason for me to love him :P even though I dont :-?

    Movies in suntv. Welgum to Independence Day in Tamil Nadu.


  13. "Poda" va? Hey, I am like 7 yrs older than you. I recommend "pongo saar" for future use. :P

  14. @idling
    I blame this lack of respect on my sister. She's 7 years younger to me and calls me names ranging from "a right doofy quack" to "lalu pythyum" to "loosu korangu". Do you feel my pai now? :(
    Although come to htink of it, I can now say "poya kezhabolttu"


    @confounded lady
    my mom hates him, and seeing yaaradi nee mohini made it worse cause he was hitting on an iyengar girl. Lol!

    thanks a ton!

    I think it would have been better if you didnt have a phone. That way you can actually BE with the person than talk to him. lol.

    @in want of..
    belated happy independence day to u 2!

  15. sadly that's how the independence day and all other festivals mean now. Spl movies and silly interviews!

    My dad got me a fone so that he could track my anti-social activities. I used to come home by 12 before, but after tha i styed away even later. They always knew where I was anyways!

  16. *takes chappal and hits himself on the forehead for commenting* :D

  17. "Sun TV-la inikki saaingaalam enna special padam?"

    It is definitely the most important question to ask on independence day

  18. LOL I know the feeling of getting calls every 10 mins ;)

    Especially when you stay elsewhere and then you go home for a short while. Taangaadu!

  19. auto driver is keeping it real, unlike you.

  20. Sad but true..Sun Tv la padam,Pudhu movie release and afternoon thookam.. tats aug 15..B4 n all DD la parade.. ippo athuvum pochu..

    Love the way u write..Cheers

  21. Haha! I celebrated independence day for like 30 hours, what with time difference, since I was flying from India to the US. And as a mark of my patriotism, I ate the "India Special Meal" on Air France throughout the journey (which I must say tasted pretty good!)

  22. I don't know if I'm using it at the right time and saying it right but - "Enna kodumai da saravana idu"!, Telugu - "Haiyyoo, idekkadi yaatana raa devudaa!"

  23. God of war is a awesome game :D finished both a couple of time :D

    Aug 15th has always been the annual vacation time and for the past 3 aug 15th i am in munnar!!!! hhmmmm i guess it's time to find another holiday spot!

    btw daaammmm!!! 5AM class on a holiday!!!eeeewwwwwww!!!!!

  24. A fun read..!!
    You have a nice space:)

  25. I think there's a new epidemic which is catching amongst mothers. I call this the "Where Are You" syndrome. Symptoms include calling their kids every 15 minutes, asking the dreaded question, hyperventilating if the kid doesn't answer and shouting their lungs off at the poor soul for not informing that he/she would be 15 seconds late than usual.
    My mother is a patient. Yours seems to be too.

  26. thank god you didnt lose your iphone! i would have personally come and given u a 'kottu' on ur head if u did! :P

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I know its such a relief if one does not have his/her phone and no one can call and track!!!

    Just awesome!

    LOL @ ur comment "With great power comes great responsibility"

  29. Hi ,

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  30. Lose me phone? Leave it somewhere? That's not independance...aduku apram vara thitu ku anda 2 min call e paravala! :)

  31. Hehehehe! Man! You --- are --- good!!!

  32. what sugandira dinam, it is SUDHANDHIRA DHINAM - idhu kooda solla theriyama, ippadi patriot aganumnu kanavu kandundu irukiye....
    dont tell this to your mom, i'm sure you'll get another lecture!


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