Although its a little known fact, it so happened that a bunch of Gujjus were living downstairs to Shakespeare's home. Whenever Shakespea...

Although its a little known fact, it so happened that a bunch of Gujjus were living downstairs to Shakespeare's home. Whenever Shakespeare practised late into the night and disturbed their sleep, they were obviously not happy. Kokilaben in particular, got extremely annoyed at Ol' Bill. So she went up to his house and told him straight in the face "Ahem.You is the doing too much naaise. Shutting up please"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Gujjus Ahemmed-the-Bard.

This is original. really.

Please dont hit me.

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  1. To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.

  2. Aaaaahhhhh! Aaaaaarggghhhhh!! I have been bested! I Bow to thee, o powerful one!

  3. ioooo.. lemme go get a glass of water!

  4. chutneyben..classic che!
    whst whas shakespears londonwalli elder sisters name?
    -big ben

  5. thats it! the pollution free 6AM streets are makin you do this!

    or was it the aliens who mistook your crayola collection for WMDs?

  6. oh ahmedabad...took me a while

  7. Ahemmed the bard.



  8. Laydies and gentlemans,
    Kindly note that this is a valiant attempt at a joke which requires a slightly advanced sense of humour. If you have indeed enjoyed this, I congratulate you.

    Has the student bested the teacher? ;-) Lol, especially glad to know you enjoyed it.

    Took u time eh? I'm disappointed in you. As a patron of mokkais, you should have been able to get it immediately. Tsk.


    My gift, My curse. :P

  9. easily the worsht joke i've ever heard...

    this coming from a guy who has a very low sense of humor. so you really hit the nadir among jokes.

  10. The only comment that really matters here is Naren-ji's.
    Everyone who didnt laugh are unselected due to poor quality of humour. cha! :P

  11. You must have heard of the term ABCD. But do u know what does ABCDEFG mean? American Born Confused Desi Especially From Gujarat ;)

  12. Servaru Where is that wall?

  13. While I bang my head against the wall, I shall chip in another peejay -

    What did William Shakespeare change his name to when Indians, esp. South Indians could not pronounce his name?
    Ans: Vellam Seshappa Iyer

    WARNING: No curses or hate comments will be tolerated.

  14. :) at last I saw where a joke actually orginated from...good one

  15. Does this mean that whenever either the gultis or nizams came across the playwright, they would greet him "Hi there!" And thats how the gultis Hi-there-Bard?? ;)

  16. Oh I thought that he lived in Gujarat for a brief while with a Mussalman darji family and wrote under the pseudonym Ahmed. So after he left they named the town after him - Ahmed-da-bard :P


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