Not so well balanced.

Me : Amma, Appa, see see! I took this photo ! It's awesome no? I took, I took! Amma : Oh its a nice picture. I'll tell you why, its...

Me: Amma, Appa, see see! I took this photo! It's awesome no? I took, I took!

Amma: Oh its a nice picture. I'll tell you why, its because I was the one who made the coffee and poured it in the tumbler so perfectly. Who else will make such good coffee?

Appa: Don't listen to your mother, the picture is good only because I got the camera. See, Sony DSC H9 quality. Who got the camera? I did, see, thats why the picture is awesome.


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  1. hi satni.. if you haven't already figured, i too have contributed in making such a nice photo (i actually cannot see the photo. so i'm trusting you on this one.) if you want to know why, ask kamal for an explanation.

  2. Louwelee pich-kar!! Kapi nalla irukku...
    & LOL @ ur parents' argument & I agree with your dad! :P

  3. Is it a tumbler or a davara?

    did you place it down on the carpet or turkey towel?

    sorry, but can't help. Acute observation skills!

  4. Coffeeeeee! I want!

    Btw, great pic :)

  5. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. the picture is good because i say so...

  6. Grandma: if I hadn't arranged for your dad and mom to be married, you wouldn't have been born to take the picture.

    Vanilla: good thing I hadn't borrowed the camera that day.


  7. @ everyone
    romba thanks!

    actually, grandma: Enna camera, shanniyan! Idhelaam thevaya? Kolam poda kathukko!

    Vanilla: Amma! How come she got to take the camera? You told her not to take it without your permission no? She took it! Shout at her nicely!

  8. Funny. Lol @ your comment on what your grandma would've said!

    Lol @ chokkathangam - butterfly effect for even this!

  9. Whats the big deal? Coffee in a tumbler. And that too you couldn't get the complete tumbler. I don't see anything great in it.

    And I bet my last rupee this conversation dint happen. You just want to SHOW OFF your new camera, and what you percieve (but is not), photography skills.

    Show off!

  10. u too libran??

    are librans haughty??

    nice pic :--) credit to you.


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