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It's been exactly a year since I wrote my Common Proficiency Test. Although it was rescheduled, much to my chagrin, I'd like to th...

It's been exactly a year since I wrote my Common Proficiency Test. Although it was rescheduled, much to my chagrin, I'd like to think of this as the day I officially jumped into the CA bandwagon, and there has been no looking back since.

So here's look into the Lessons I've learned:

1] The joy you get out of eating in fancy restaurants everyday out of your client's money is directly proportionate to the expansion of your waistline.

2] No matter how entertaining the fish tank in your client's office is, you shall concentrate on your work instead of ogling at the very many fish trying to kill each other. Which is highly disturbing, by the way.

3] Bus routes!

4] How to cross the road. Which is a pretty big deal for me considering a year ago, crossing the road for me used to be inappropriately grabbing the shirt/dupatta/pallu of the person next to me and hanging on till I was transported to the other side.

5] If a top level manager of a Public sector bank offers you beans, shut up and take them (irrespective of your personal loathing for the same) instead of declining them. Or be prepared for a 10 minute lecture on the topics:
a)Importance of beans
b)Effects of Junkfood vis-a-vis beans
c)Greatness of beans
d)Younger generation liking pizza and chinese instead of beans
e)Did i mention beans?

6] The best cure for insomnia is your Taxation textbook.

7] A year ago, I would have found this to be a great joke.
Q: What does an accountant use as birth control?
A: His personality

I don't laugh at it anymore. Cause the truth ain't funny.

8] Criticism is something complicated. You gotta know how to take it. I take it in from one ear and take it out from the other.

9]The first stipend credit in your bank account is something really special. Not because it's your sweat toil or any of that stuff. It's special because now my mother can't say her favourite " Ara-anna-kku prayojanam illa nee" (You're not capable of getting 25 paise) dialogue. Ha!

10] The art of patience. Cause anytime someone asks "Oh, so which college are you doing your CA?", you need an enormous amount of patience to not strangle that person. In case you're someone who does ask that question, click here.

I know what you're thinking and yes, CA has made me most wisdomous.

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  1. Well i ejjatly didnt ask you which cool, I just asked how the course works!

    eatin on clients money? damn I'd love to do that...

    my mom uses naya paisa ku vakku ille!

  2. since you take criticism well...

    check to see if there are any piranhas in the tank. if yes, please stick your hand in there.

  3. Lol @ #1. Good thing you're a vegetarian. Otherwise it would've been a exponential equation.

    Why can't you find #7 funny anymore? That's the first I've heard it, and I think it's harhar. (You're the exception, of course)

  4. Well written. A riot as usual. But tell me, why dont you just strangle the people who as you which college your doing your CA at? I
    ve many a time contemplated murder when people'd repeatedly ask me which Anna University I did my engineering in when I tell them I studied in 'the' Anna University. There is only one Anna University :|

  5. Very funny. Completely redeemed yourself for Ahmedabad. :) I can relate to eating on clients' money. I used to have vendors take me out for lunch 3 days a week for over 2 years, because I was spending somewhere around $1.2M a year on their products. Didn't gain any weight being that you don't get very many high cal veg entrees (other than pizza and pasta/alfredo)at restaurants over here.

    BTW, what kinda beans?

  6. I haven't laughed this hard for a long time! #7 is original, isn't it? Oh, man, I'm going staight to my accountant's office and pulling that on him.

    For the beans thing, you could tell him that you can't eat beans because you're supposed to count them.

  7. hmm.. u know u guys are real lucky.. i can't even begin to crack jokes about engineering. it sucks that much.

  8. yea i saw all these things is wot my bro did and i took science in 11th!!! ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL @ 7!!! LOL..LOL!!!!and LOL @ 5 too!

    all the best for the rest of the journey!

  9. bus routes? To travel in them or to make sure they don't come in the way when you're crossing the road? Bus route it seems!

  10. Q: What does an accountant use as birth control?
    A: His personality

    That's awesome!

  11. @max

    I meant criticism from bosses/seniors. Not from ondranna bloggers like you.

    Lol, thank god im veg. :) 7 was outrageously funny when i first heard it, but then, further interaction with accountants has led me to believe that it was more of a fact than a joke. Which is SAD!

    I feel your pain.
    :) thanks!

    :P I still think the Ahmedabad was funny. And they were human beans. :P lol. I dunno..the green ones!

    thankees! I'm sure your accountant will love the joke, although I'm afraid its not original :S Wish it was. :)

    i know! lol

    Makes me feel a lot better for doing CA, lol.


    Aiye Thu! Travelling only. :P Bus hopping n all sagajam for me now :P

  12. ondranna

    please translate. and it better be a salutation such as Sire.

  13. Ignorance is bliss. Be happy while you can.

    And I can't believe you're ondranna enough to actually do whatever Ram says.
    Nee oru loosu, avan oru loosu...jodi porutham abaaaaram!!
    Haaak thu!
    (I'm sure Ram will translate this for you) :P
    Bilady drunken munks.

  14. mmm...the 'bean'daas life of a Fresh-On-Board Chartered Accountant!! Interesting!
    & ROFL @ birth control joke!!

  15. I'm a man of my own judgment! *snooty expression* I don't even listen to my parents, let alone OK. You are the loosu!

    He identifies "potential targets" and we plan our attacks. I'm afraid to say you rank high on our list.

  16. Dho da! Vantaga kaari thupa.

    Ennoda mama va kindal pannara illa. Naan potu kudukaren avar kita. Next time ni PNB ponna unnaku beans illa soore kuda kadaiyathu.

  17. @V: Waiting for a good comeback

  18. CAs are supposed to be studious and 'fruit' types. Doesnt seem like that though...

  19. i found out what ondranna means. you've got another thing coming.

  20. Oooh i am tho thcared. Whatchu gonna do, grow up?

  21. i like the name coconut chutney, First time @ your blog

  22. some enjoyable read after a long long time.. both ma parents r CAs :D

  23. Nice blog!
    By the way, 4 annas make 25 paise. So half anna would make about 3 paise or so :)

  24. #10.. ayyo.. that is definitely one of the worst... and sometimes its someone who has asked you that question umpteen number of times already.. and then says " oh yeah i remember you told me laat time we spoke" after you explain the whole thing to them..


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