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Preeti tagged me with the Quotes tag. I did something similar to it once but then again, you can never hear too many gems of absurdity...o...

Preeti tagged me with the Quotes tag. I did something similar to it once but then again, you can never hear too many gems of absurdity...or was it wisdom?

"Naanga idchcha morapeengo, neenga idchcha eshoosh me" - 
(If we bump you, you stare, but if you bump us, 'eshoosh me')
Saadhu Shanmugham ponders upon the many ironies in life.
When my father was a teenager, the only timepass he had was to hang around in the street with an interesting assortment of small time trouble makers and wastrels. This included the Shanmugam in question who was either high on pot/ganja or sleeping. The wisdom (fuelled by marijuana) that he spouted was of course, one of a kind. 

"There is no free lunch in life" -
Pattabhi Ram, my Financial Management teacher
Pattabhi, Pattu for us, his students is a seperate class of teacher. His casual tone, the way he goes "Use your calculator, yaar" are something unique to him. This is one thing that he keeps saying in class - nothing comes without effort. There are a million other proverbs/quotes which conveys the same thing but somehow, this just sounds cooller than the rest.

"When a normal man touches current, he will get a shock. I am Narasimma. If current touches me, current will get shock!
Vijaykanth teaches us mortals what our physics teachers didn't.  

"There is no charge for awesomeness...or attractiveness" - Po the Panda. In case you haven't watched Kung Fu Panda yet (the blasphemy!), smack yourself on the head and see it. 

"Somberi Saavugraaki, navuththu ya vandi-ya!" - random auto guy
(Move your damn vehicle you lazy asshole!) 
When i had just started driving, I was still getting used to gear shifts. This one time I had gone way too slow for second gear because the lane was tiny and I was nervous, which resulted in the car making an almighty halt. As I fumbled with the gears and keys, trying to make my car start again, the auto guy behind me decided to teach me some roadsense. I might not be a great driver but that auto fellow was talking as though he was Schumacher and was not used to going any slower than 100 km/hr. I started my car again alright, but extra slow, occupying the middle of the road, making sure he couldn't overtake too. I think that was when I first started enjoying driving in Chennai. 

I tag you. Have fun.   

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  1. LOL Saavu giraaki - my husband uses that in the US!!

    And asshole does not do justice to that word :P

  2. saavugraaki na asshole ah? Who knew?!

  3. I make so many brilliant quotes and not one of em!

    I guess i'll use my tatuvam in my own post, self tag!

    only I know the true meaning of free lunch. Free 3-course meal in G and now paying for salad in another G

  4. No no, turns out the etymology is "candidate for death". Lazy asshole sounds cooler than lazy candidate for death somehow. Lol.

  5. @maz
    alo, that means I have to keep quoting myself. :P
    And thats precisely what they mean by no free lunch. You'll end up paying some day. :)

  6. Hehe! Maybe i shud re-do the tag with all the sweetness my mum hurls at me....cha, chance e illama irundurkum! ;)

  7. How about "Pall irukkaravan pakoda saapdaraan" at a guy who puts kadalai to girls. And "Saapida theriyaadhavanukku dhaan bun kedaikkumaam!" at the same guy who puts only kadalai.

  8. Captain's line takes the cake.

  9. Shanmugam rocks!!

    Any defaming dig at Captain is strictly condemned by Google which is a big fan of Captain :P

  10. Ah! Wish I knew Tamil! What lovely cuss phrases it has. Mumbai has primarily only two. One, alleging improper relationship with one's mother and the other alleging the same relationship with one's sister. That's it. No imagination. To borrow a favorite word of yours, Thu!

    Candidate for death! Hahaha.

  11. I think the second one is not quite pattu sir's original. it is the most abused introduction line in any accounting class. read this:-

    and whoever came up with the idea of allowing women to drive?! country ppls!! :P

  12. This one I heard from a friend who was quoting some teacher of hers - "Whaat whaat when when will happenoo -kaama (comma) - that that then then will happeneeyy happenu - fullishtaap (full stop)." Waah! Waah! Whaat wisdom I say! Glorifies the concept of 'destiny'! I louwe it!

  13. Aalso, saari fur the late! :P BTW ROFL @ Vijaykanth's Physics lesson. You should watch the great Balu aka Balakrishna in Telugu. His lessons are in complete defiance of any law. One of his gems - "Kattulato kadu ra, kanti chooputo champesta" (Not with a sword rey, I will kill you with my stare vonly!)

  14. All hail Gabtun. Lol at the auto driver. Perhaps, had he known if it was a female driver, he might've been a bit more polite.

  15. Don't even get me started on auto drivers! They along with MTC bus drivers take my life out everyday..
    BTW, the other day my son earnestly asked me, 'Amma, where's stupid uncle?' Me:'who?' He: 'the one on the bike who likes to dash your car' He thinks anybody on the bike is called stupid! Thank God I've been minding my language!

  16. hey nice tag.. the first one was the best.. lOL

  17. gaptens da best!!!!all hail gapten!!!!

  18. Vijaykanth is another avatar of Rajnikanth?

  19. @Shruti: No! And never say that again.

    @chutney: What about my "Ummala Okka"? I thought you liked it a lot?

  20. Red Alert: Shruti has just committed an act of utter blasphemy...Beware of Thalaivar fans!

  21. "Naanga idchcha morapeengo, neenga
    idchcha eshoosh me"

    do you have more from Saadhu Shanmugam....

  22. Saavu giraaki = Asshole?
    Customer of death would be a better option.

  23. @preeti
    maybe you should :)

    @arun sundar
    ahaa! orey the grass itchings!

    ofcourse it does. He's da man!

    es es, shanmugam is something ispesullu.

    oh yes, tamils are way more creative than what they get credit for.

    Wo gad, I was ignorant of that organization, romba thank you for enlightening me! But Pattu is still my hero though.

    i think i've heard something like that too! that that when when happen, that that then then happen!
    And I've seen an awesome balayya krip, that jai chadukesvara! clip. You know, he slaps his thigh and the train goes backward. My Gad!

    au contraire. These auto joker monkeys have this stupid sneer on the face whenever a woman is driving. As if its some kind of big joke. Pissing off!!

    lol! kids do say the darndest things!

    thanks :)

    all hail!


    I doubt that qualifies as a quote. I'll include it when I'm doing a swear-words tag or something :P

    ya think?

    yea, a couple more i think, equally profound. lol.

    Check out the previous comments, I think I've clarified that. And looks like its your first time here so keep coming! :)

  24. i like that shanmugam guy. where does one find him? :P


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