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My telephone bill this month is Rs.204.50. Take out the mandatory rental (inclusive of service tax) we are left with a grand total of Rs.3. ...

My telephone bill this month is Rs.204.50.
Take out the mandatory rental (inclusive of service tax) we are left with a grand total of Rs.3.

I think this explains the state of my "social" life to a great extent.
3 bucks phone usage.

More than me, I feel sorry for Airtel. They must be wondering where all their business disappeared.

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  1. They should charge you for intnl calls then!

  2. We'll give u our Aamrika numbers. That'll solve your problem. In all likelihood, your dad will have your number disconnected and Airtel will give you gratitude calls with offers and beg you not to disconnect!

  3. Im impressed by your mobile usage... Bravo :D

  4. Same story here :)

    Am new here, and quite like your blog.

  5. there's something either u or airtel, is hiding!

  6. You never know with Airtel. No room to relax until you see the nxt billing cycle.

  7. I dont think this is a correct reflection. I payed a brilliant $180 (does not include calls to bro, parents) last month. And, we all know my social life is not better than yours.

  8. Better than a bill so high you have to start contemplating selling your kidneys to meet expenses.
    And I agree with Prashanth,
    NEXT BILLING CYCLE is the ticket.
    I lost 65 bucks for no apparent reason. (Atleast none I could see.)

  9. DOnt worry dearie. A mere telephone bill is far from just an indication of your social life.
    My last phone bill (hutch) was 2000.

    And my social life has been non-existent for the last 2.5 years.

  10. @grumbling
    misery does love company :)

    i wish i knew...

    I'm on CUG with my parents. I doubt that qualifies to be part of my social life

    incoming or outgoing? :P

    good idea! :P

    thanks :P

    :) Keep coming!

    no catch! Seriously!

    Yea I'm going to keep my fingers crossed

    The difference is that you're the idiot. Paying $180 for talking to your imaginary friends. Loosa nee?

    Yea, I'm gonna wait for my next bill.

    Hello you were talking with athimber => international calls. Don't think you can fool me ok :P Full kadala wonder it came to 2k.

  11. Hmmm...I'm not able to read between the lines clearly..everything wokay?!

  12. romba mukyon!

    padikara vazhi ah other words, ennaku company kudu!

  13. No you idiot. It was my mom.

    Infact, I can loan you some minutes this month. My calls to my bro and home are free. Any other call I get is "Enga irruke?" or "Cricket?" or "LKB. Where is my ..."

  14. @ranjani
    nah, my social life sucks. That would be the issue :D Everything okay now though, I'm texting with a vengeance!

    ya macha. Even I'm hitting the books. Literally. (Everytime I open my book I fall asleep causing my head to hit the book)

    you just said it didnt include your parents. In any case thanks for the minutes though. :D

  15. i thot i was the only one... this is fantaastic..:)

  16. woW! wish i cud borrow ur habits:(

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. THTs because u give missed calls all the time, and we call u!.. :P

  19. ponnungalukku ellam incoming calls, this is all vetty bandha. try doing this being a man, impossible! :D


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