In Pattu We Trust

The SICASA (South Indian Chartered Accountant Student Assosciation) conference was held on the 17th and 18th of December. I had expected som...

The SICASA (South Indian Chartered Accountant Student Assosciation) conference was held on the 17th and 18th of December. I had expected some deathly boring sessions with one technical paper after another being catapulted at us.
I was mostly right. But you know what they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

No, No I'm not talking about the free food they gave us there. It was Pattu Sir's (My Financial Management teacher) presentation. More than the presentation, it was this one video.

Disclaimer : Its not a funny vid by any means. Its inspirational type and it kicks ass!

Well now you know why, In Pattu We Trust.

You can read his entire speech over at his blog

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  1. The lesser known fact about him is his choice of good books. I surely do trust him with his choice of books.

  2. Awesome video. From the title I thought it was another of your comedy post involving a regular brahmin character named Pattu (as in Silk) maami :)

  3. Thought that the post would be funny ... never expected such a video

    BTW Pattu sir is gonna have a lotta blog traffic in comming days :)

  4. well. i am unable to watch this particular video owing to the fact that its 3 am and a lot of ppl are sleeping in the room i am in.

    however, if u r looking for inspirational videos, the one i am giving the link for ranks among the very best. i hadn't heard about it until this year when a vietnamese friend of mine recommended it to me. its by a guy who is a prof at cornell. basically talks about his life. catch is he has cancer and has only a few more months to live.. this is dubbed as a real "last lecture". very famous, and because i am not into the inspirational lectures genre, i'll restrict myself to calling it worth watching.

  5. Kickass video! And I read his blog post too, what a speech! Brilliant stuff this is :)

  6. @Chokkathangam: If I'm not wrong, the prof you're talking about was Prof. Randy Pausch and his "last lecture" series right? He was a computer science prof at Carnegie-Mellon Univeristy..

  7. Namma SIRC ma.. Institute maanam namba kulliye vechikulaame... :)

  8. wow what an inspirational video...
    u must be lucky to be his student :)

  9. I am as inspired as a bear that has just gone into hibernation.

    What a waste of my time

    Note to self: Not read chutney again.

  10. this is totally kickass indeed. I am soo inspired.

  11. Lovely video! The music track in the background is as beautiful as the video and the speech! :) I love it! It's 'Ameno' by 'Era'.

  12. This one's for you!

  13. @nandini
    maybe :)

    Oh yes, he is very well read

    Lol! :)



    thanks dude, I have watched that video, and yes, it ranks right up there!

    I know :D

    actually...enakku purila

    yep :)


    yea! I downloaded the song too :)


  14. Sounds more like MPV classes. Total blade.


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