It's a wild world

The fuel crisis today, has pushed many people out of business, but the Gulf continues to prosper. It seems that the Arabs have found an alte...

The fuel crisis today, has pushed many people out of business, but the Gulf continues to prosper. It seems that the Arabs have found an alternative means of finance out of rearing cows. And pretty soon, the Middle East is going to be full of these self proclaimed Milk-Sheikhs.

Speaking of the middle east, the people of the land are completely vexed over the many security issues plaguing them. The locals strongly attribute their trauma to the Bush administration, and more so its inefficient Secretary of State who, they believe, didn't Rice to the occasion.

Entertainment news now, and apparently a popular Victoria's Secret Model has admitted herself into the Intensive Care Unit of a prestigious hospital in Mumbai right out of her continuous 20 hour Intercontinental flight. The hospital's experts have concluded her illness to jetty lag.

In related news, a Calvin Klein underwear model stormed into the premises of the Worldspace radio network today, stating that he wanted to be a Jockey.

On other news, the neighborhood psycho couple have filed for divorce over an unhappy sex life. Sources confirm that their relationship could only have been "absolutely mental"

Source : CNN - Chutney News Network

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  1. You have told me all this before.

    Exactly why I cleaned up my chat list. Next time your posts will be completely new:)

  2. read the tweets and status msgs. But this news bureau stuff is better!

  3. oh yeah, the world is not less wilder now!!


  4. The milk-sheikh analogy was a rage when i was a kid
    back in bahrain :D

    Jetty lag was the best :P hahahahaha!

  5. Wild world, yes. And we are part of it. Oh nooooooooooo! :D

  6. I seem to have read all of these :D

    Oh, you were trying the puns on ur followers!


  7. Hi,

    I invite you and all bloggers to join as publishers.

    We look forward to working with you.


  8. LOL!
    Calvin Klien to Jockey? Funny he din land up at the race track! :D
    Most models suffer from jetty lag.

  9. Hey, I love your blog. You made me laugh last much. Just for that, i've got something for you on my blog. It's the butterfly pick it up.

  10. :--)) Hahahhaa!! Good laughs!!

  11. ROFL!! You should replace all those duds who call themselves reporters! You news agency kicks ass. :P :D

  12. you make it sound ttly amusing!

  13. LOL :P Now, I wonder where I heard them before?

  14. Nice one. In fact its probably the funniest post in the whole wild world.. Oops, its infectious :)

  15. oopppss and i thought it was only the wild you say it's the world? Ha ha..i like the Jockey bit. I could almost picture that bit. :D


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