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I am the honoured recipient of a certain award which recognizes blogging excellence. This, was awarded to me by Mr.Maxdavinci  , celebrity...

I am the honoured recipient of a certain award which recognizes blogging excellence. This, was awarded to me by Mr.Maxdavinci , celebrity blogger and random likeminded crazy person. Thank you max, I am feeling really really proud of myself. Ofcourse, had you not included me in that list, there would have been some consequences which may have involved an auto and some thugs, but what's a fight among friends, eh?
I've been blogging for almost 3 years, although I started over about a year and a half now, can't believe its been that long. It's a great hobby and I got to meet some great people too. So its been good fun and popularity is an awesome feeling. 
A little more about the recipient of this award (Surprising as it is, I can never get tired of talking about myself) Max called me "A chirpy CA by day and photoshopper by night". Sounds great, but a couple of clarifications. I piss people off in the day and sleep in the night. But yea, what he said, what he said! 
So to get this award, I need to do this tag, which requires me to list down 5 posts which were lifted from the depths of my archives, related to 5 keywords.   
1. Family. My family mainly consists of screwballs. But very pleasant screwballs, each one twisted in their own special way. And we love each other. A total Awww moment, I know. More about these wonderfully wonderful people, here , here and here .  
2. Friends. I have hung out with the same people from kindergarden. Its the same gang. We've stuck together, which increases our awesomeness. I am full of louwes for my classmates who've managed to put up with me for all this time! Speaking of good friends, this was a really nice post . 
3. Yourself. I never get tired of this. Enough talking. More linking, more linking! .
4. Your love. The love of my life at the moment. Seriously.  
5. Anything I like. My extreme passions in life are sleeping, eating and making fun of people, but not necessarily in that order. But here's another .   
I'm supposed to tag people for this. But I can't pick! What can I say, you're all special to me! With that extremely lame excuse for outrightly outrageous laziness, I will click on the publish post button. 
Thanks again! 

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  1. I think I enjoy reading your verbal-bashing comments as much as your posts :D

  2. this is the first time anybody has used the word Max, so many times in a post!

    nice to read a couple of old posts!

  3. Olden post ees very much it ees the golden post ma! Louwelee! kangaroolotions on the award!

  4. auto and thugs? muhahahaha
    PS: max is afraid of emotion, summa hint

  5. nice nice! read all of them before...

  6. LOL, so much fun reading old posts of yours!


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