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 I have been made to re-assess a few things over the past week, ever since my father asked me if I had a "plan".  I didn't. I ...

 I have been made to re-assess a few things over the past week, ever since my father asked me if I had a "plan". 
I didn't. I still don't. My father just tsk-tsks and gets back to his laptop. Honestly, I don't believe in plans. I don't believe in marking a specified route and then taking it. 
I know it sounds extremely stupid, coming from someone who took up Finance as a career, it'd probably sound more convincing had I been some kind of a pothead drummer in a punk rock band. 
But that's what people don't get. I didn't get into finance because I had a plan. The whole Oh-my-dad's-CA-let-me-become-CA-my-life-will-be-settled plan. 
I took it up after flipping a coin.  
Contrary to popular notion, I'm not nuts, I just like a little adrenaline. However, its not flowing at all these days, which is a little unfortunate. 
So yesterday, instead of charting a study plan, I wrote a little list. A list of 25 diet crazy (read cheap little thrills) things I intend to make happen before I'm 25. After which I will devise a new list. Some of the items are extremely Anti Ram-Sena but whatever.  As I tick each item off the list, I know I what I would have done was super dumb, and some other times are not very ethical/moral and even some other times not very me.     
But I won't have regret. 
All my life, I've been known to be the good responsible girl, a little too smart and a little too varalakshmi-nombu programmed/thayir saadham to make the dumb mistakes of life. Very true. I've always been responsible, I've always been smart. Which is why I am not revealing the contents of my little list. But I'll tell you one thing. The next time you see me with a smug little grin on my face, you'll know I'm one item lesser.  

I'm going to be taking a break. Don't pop the champagne bottle just yet, I will be back in 3 months. I'm not going to be posting since there is something more important in my list of priorities, namely the Professional Competence Exam. And trust me, one cannot prove any kind of competence if they're going to be following my routine of eat-internet-sleep. Hence I will be on something like a self imposed exile. But when I clear, and become 60% chartered accountant, it's so going to be worth it. Don't miss me too much. Tough thing to ask, but please, try. :) 

UPDATE : Apparently even ICAI didn't want me to stop blogging and have postponed the exam to June! No break takings now. I am back. (Cue for Billa/Don music)

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  1. wasn't the title different a couple of minutes before????

  2. You're fast!
    It was, but I liked this one better. I always do a little bit of editing after I publish :)

  3. well, prioritizing ur list is very important- but i really hope you will find some time to do a post once in a while... all the best for the exam.. and b bk soon...

  4. you can't taunt us with the description of the list and then not show it

  5. I heard you had a smug look on your face a couple of days ago. What was the matter?

    PS: I demand copyright royalty for the term "varalakshmi-nombu programmed"!

  6. best of luck... and yeah not having a plan isnt such a bad thing...

  7. did the movie 'bucket list' pushed you to make your list ?

    if you hadn't watched the movie, watch it. its witty.

    all the best 30%ca....

  8. i edit after i publish too.. so the people who read me in their reader get a diff post than the ones who come straight ;)

    good luck Lav!

  9. lol!! youre moodest, but yeah i will miss you a lot.. be back soon and all the best!!
    and i thought you would have posted the list.. :(

  10. All the best for your exams...

    But you cant take off without posting the list!!!

  11. Good luck, old salt. The best laid plans of mice, men and chutneys coconut gang aft agley, as the poet says, but there are times when one has to bite the bullet, put the nose to the grindstone, stiffen the upper lip, let the cat out of the bag, spoil the ship for ha'porth of tar, lose the battle for want of a nail.

    N. Shenoy, in a metaphor mania mood.

    You will be missed!

  12. @xh
    I hope so too, I'll try my best to make an appearance once in a while, thanks so much for your wishes! :)

    Oh wouldn't you like to know? :P

    thanks so much :)

    That was just cause I had some really great Sindhi the other day, it was like amazing, esp cause I was starved. You should try it some time too! :D

    Hoepfully it works! :) Thanks! :)

    Actually it was inspired by this magazine, will try and watch the movie though. Thanks so much :)

    :) Thanks so much, nags!

    Aww...:) thanks so much :)

    @ Sowmya
    Thanks :) And I'm not posting anything, keep guessing :P

    Thanks so much - for the wishes and the metaphors! :) Hopefully I will be able to find some time to put up a post or two, we'll see :)

  13. I definitely know three things that are not good girlish but wont be on our list cauze good girl seems to have done them.

  14. no no no. i refuse to let you go on a break.

  15. Waaaah. Why is everyone taking a break. Me no like.
    May be I should too.

  16. hmm....go if you must !!! Wishing you all the best !!!

    No No No No...Not for the exam ... all the best to get your list of 25 things done :)

  17. @nandini
    thanks so much :)

    That was only 3. I have a list of 25 here.

    Aww. :) Its ok, I may post intermittently during these 3 months.

    Please don't! I may not be writing, but I'll still be reading! :)

    thanks! :)

  18. Not having a plan is fantastic - I used to try and plan every minute (I kid you not, the only thing I could do spontaneously was plan) but I like this footloose-and-fancy-free life more.

    Found your blog while randomly browsing, and found some of the stories hilarious (particularly 'Rab ne bana di jodi'). Good stuff.

  19. ey chutney.. g'luck (heh.. sounds almost like a puke) for your exams and everything..

    and i understand u made a list of risque things to do before you turn 25.. i'm just giving u some info.. i'm 6' 3", athletic (all muscle in fact) and NRI.. best, i am only 20 (now wait, is that a disadvantage?).. and u know my email, so... :P

  20. good luck!

    And do tell me if you make use of even 10% of that blogging time for the exam. I'd like to know the secret of success.

  21. wah wah, celebrity daan neee.

    whats with all the maamis/soon-to-be-maamis, all taking a hiatus.

    I need to add more ppl to my reading list soon..

    PS: lol @ chokkathangam's desc....

  22. i'll miss your sunny posts... all the very best and take care!!
    @max, you're so right! what's with everyone taking a break?!!

  23. Long time reader.. but first comment..
    hmm had missed out all yr updates during the last 3 months.. (im like one batch senior to u fr PCE,so u know) now dat im done with it, and back here to read the stuff, its time fr u to hibernate.. anyway, best wishes! make the blogworld proud!

  24. Gud one. U know wat, even i don like to plan things in advance!!! But still..

    Anywayz!! Gud one


  25. Creating a list? (Bucket list scenes wacing by)
    Good luck!
    60% CA? Did you actually do the math?

  26. Hey there..well i have to say u have an amazing blog... and all the very best for ur exam..

  27. You know I made a quote myself once - "I like it when everything goes as per plan, especially when I made no plans!" It is a characteristic of a Zen monk to be spontaneous and work things out without any plans. It is good to be that way, because in most cases what you planned may not happen, so why plan, just take it as it comes!


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