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My father is one man who has made plenty of sacrifices. Forced to, rather. In a household of 5 (grandma included), he is the only man, and t...

My father is one man who has made plenty of sacrifices. Forced to, rather. In a household of 5 (grandma included), he is the only man, and thus, has no choice. 
Everyday he is subject to intense discussions on clothes, pink, accessories, clothes, shoes, curtains, clothes, the neighbours, clothes, the neighbour's clothes and ofcourse, graphic descriptions of our cycles - the ones without the wheels.

But he just nods along and pretends to understand what we say, because apparently, thats what men do

He doesn't care much for the household, the only thing he actually cares about is whether or not the flush is working in the bathroom.
The bathroom, is my father's sanctuary. I think he's spent more time inside the loo reading The Economic Times than sitting with us in the living room. Probably cause its the only place in the house which is remotely male. 
But its maleness has deteriorated over the years, especially ever since I turned 17. Enter the UFOs (Unidentified Frothing Objects) - for the past 3 years, there has been a steady stream of a variety of fruity smelling soap and shampoo in our bathroom, courtesy me. The result of which, every time my father steps out of the bathroom after his shower, he has no choice but to smell either of strawberries or oranges. He'd grimace ofcourse, but we were pretty convinced that he secretly preferred strawberries to boring old Cinthol.

A couple of weeks back however, things changed.

When my dad came back from yet another one of his trips to Bangkok, he brought back a couple of bottles of liquid soap, just like we had asked him. However, it wasn't the usual strawberry/citrus soap that we asked him, he had brought back Palmolive (For Men!)
"What? We always have only that fruit soap in the bathroom. I thought it'd be a change"
"But this? Palmolive for men? Its a guy soap!"
"So? Don't I use your strawberry soap?"
"But this is boy soap!"
"Ok, don't use it. But I'll use only this from now on. I've had enough of strawberries. Daily I go to office smelling like fruit salad."

And so the Aambla (male) soap took over the bathroom. After initial reluctance, my mom was the first to use it and confirmed its menthol-y goodness. Much to my fathers amusement, I followed suit. And so did my sister.
Today, all of us smell of Palmolive (for men!), but still subject my father to intense discussions on clothes, pink, accessories, clothes, shoes, curtains, clothes, the neighbours, clothes, the neighbour's clothes and ofcourse, graphic descriptions of our cycles - the ones without the wheels.
Because that's what women do.

Happy women's day. 

[March 8th is not only Women's Day, but also the birthday of the author of this blog. Please to wish the brilliant little blogger on her 20th birthday who continues to remain brilliant and little even after 20 years] 

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  1. That is the truthMarch 7, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    You are doing a brilliant job with your blog! Oh and Happy Birthday!!! Have a blast!

  2. Happy b'day in advance, loosu!

    Oh, Palmolive for men?! Thank God! I was worried the other day at the mall coz I thought you were (probably inadvertently) wearing aftershave. :P

  3. Many more happy returns & happy blogging...

  4. ugh.. i wanna congratulate u and all but this post is making me retch almost.. and i see u finally have caught up with me in terms of the number of years u have ravaged the landscape.. welcome to the world of the post-teens.. and let me tell you, it sucks.. actually, my teen years sucked too, but twenty sucks totally.

    anyway, hpybday!

  5. :)
    Reminds me of the catchlines in KB's Ethir Neechal: 'Girls... are girls' and 'Boys... are boys'.

    The heart bleeds for your dad! Before snatching the Palmolive away fro him neenga konjamaavadhu avarukku 'soap' poattirukkanum :P

  6. You are really brilliant...I didn't think you were so young!!!
    Wish you a very happy birthday & women's day!!!

  7. hahhahhahaa.. such a cute post! Your extremely funny! Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to many more post from you!

  8. Lovely post. Reminded me of my father. We are exactly the same at home. 15 years ago that is :)

    dads are just awesome aren't they?

  9. Been reading your blogs for a while now. Without commenting, of course. Shy was coming every time :)
    This one's brilliant, as always.
    And Happy Birthday!! :D

  10. Gangs of the Chutney Household. I can see who's losing. :D
    Happy 20th B day!

  11. LM,
    Be happy that it was not Aramusk Soap.(Not sure if it is still in the market,made by SPIC/Henkel)

    And Happy B'day, I mean belated.


  12. Happy birthday brilliant blogger!!!

  13. omg, I'm the only girl in a house full of boys. I hope I'm not in for a reverse soap-scene a decade from now.

    A very happy birthday to you :)


  14. Happy Birthday!


  15. Happy Birthday Thenga Chutney.....

    OMG, fruit

    I feel pity for your pops....poor him, had to smell like 'fruit salad'....

  16. Happy birthday hon! Hope you have an awesome birthday and a great day!
    btw, what is your shoe size?

  17. Happy birthday, dear Chutneycase,
    A toast to you I propose
    You brighten up our dreary days
    With your inimitable posts
    May you prosper and shine and such
    Chart a rising graph
    And may you laugh at least as much
    As you make us all laugh

  18. I read of Male lib on Women's day? Ha!

    This post totally reminded me of the following rant from a show called Coupling.

    Men and the last bastion -

    ..."This toilet. This blessed pot! This fortress of solitude! ..."

    Watch it. It's just awesome!

    And oh, HAppy Birthday once again! :)

  19. Ms Chutney,

    Many many happy returns and continue to display your brilliance :)

  20. hey lavanya.. long time.. how ru ?? purrandha naal vazhthukkal ?? :)
    and hope this brilliant blogger.. keeps up her brilliant work... :)

  21. @everyone
    Thanks very much! :) I did have a fabulously fabulous day :D

  22. Arerererere! Hoppee Budday va needi? A Very Hoppee Hoppee Budday ma!!
    And, paapam ur dad!! The pain a girl's father has to go through! Pah!!

  23. Hahaha.... A good Sunday so far and it became better after reading ur as-always-hilarious blog post :)..

    And of course, Wish u many many many more happy returns of the day and have a wonderful year... Keep rocking..

  24. aww so sweet... happy birthday, youre so totally woman... lol i dont me anything :P * smiles sheepishly *
    happy womens day to you too little woman (though im littler)

  25. Hi Thenga Chutney,

    I have been following your blog for quite a long time.

    I thought it wouldn't be nice if I didn't congratulate you on your Birthday.

    Happy Birthday.

  26. Hey there, dropped in from Naren's blog...awesome posts!

    Wish u a happy bday and a happy women's day !

  27. Happy Bday...nice article...what would we do without women! Well, we would pander less I guess ;)

  28. happy bday once again!

    I've always wondered one thing. If strawberry flavored soaps and deodorants are used, won't ants bite?

  29. i have full sympathy with your dad growing up with two sisters, mom and two aunts it was always kinda difficult for me and dad... but we survived ...

  30. hmm.....after seeing the flickr photos shall i say happy bday brilliant and beautiful blogger.

  31. Happy Birthday!

    - Ramesh

  32. Happy Bday di :) And the same thing in my house. LOL. But my granny is putra-vratha types. She made sure my dad didn't have to face the soap thingy though he listens to everything else :D. *hmph*

  33. My belated wishes

    Hope you had a bash...

    Keep blogging...Always nice to read

  34. happy birthday! keep rocking blog ishtyle!

  35. @everyone
    thanks again :)

    no, nothing bites. Much like Pepsi and coke, they dont contain fruit :D

    Now you know why I'm single. There's just no one to match up! :D

  36. aha orey soapy post!

    I know a lot of guys who use dove, so I guess you are not alone. However this is by choice!

  37. AWESOME blog and happy birthday girl!!! :) May you and your blog thrive on!

  38. Happy Birthday Chutney!!
    Have been a fan of your blog and will always be!
    Have a great and successful year ahead! :)


  39. Hey there chutney...
    I am jus one more anonymous fan of ur blog. Wish you a very very Happy Birthday !! Hope u have a blast and keep writing...ur blog reminds me of the good ol days I enjoyed being 20 something.

    These are the golden years ....njoy them to the fullest !(as if u have never heard that one before!)

  40. Hey For a moment I thought you were going to write about Super 501 Bar Soap and it's relationship (or lack of) with the Sydney Opera House. But I think I was close enough, except that it was your house :) LOL at fruit salad.

    I am able to foresee how my future will be 15 years from now! The day the Wife and Daughter will Conquer (Well they already did!)

    Happy Birthday, Happy Women's day!

  41. happy b'day :) and thanks for the laughs :)

  42. liberate the poor men folk i say!

    happy birthday and all that blah :D

  43. That sounds about what my athai goes through.. smelling of men's soap that is.

    yappy berth dei!

  44. Hey,
    I added ur blog on my blog roll!
    is it okay wid u??

  45. Hi chutney,i came to ur blog from ranjani's.i thought urs shud be a food blog,but to my surprise its totally different.went thro ur profile too.being a student,u r doing an excellent job,very cute blog,kalakku reenga:)i read this soap opera,it happened to me too:D
    I read the "villu vimarsanam",sirichu vayirea valikudhu,u have a very gud sende of humour!!i will be frequently visiting ur blog from now..DO visit my FB at ur free time:)

  46. Oh! I might be late for this..but happy birthday and brilliant post!

  47. Wish u a very belated Happy bday :) ...and yup awesumm and hilarious article ..damn cool :)

  48. 20 year old thenga chutney would have been banned as a public hazard. This one's still pretty readable, though. Happy belated birthday!

  49. Keep up with the blogging. It is THE most important thing in life. Just kidding. Email comes first :|

  50. Hey, I know, my wishes are LATE. Belated B'day wishes... :)
    59th comment, but still adjust pannikko!!!

    I've alwayzz liked ur way of writing in blog. An alloy of HUMOUR, GOOD ENGLISH and SUBSTANCE makes your writing so sweet!!

    Keep it up!! All the best. Iniya pirandha naal nalvazhthukkal, once again....

  51. Belated bday wishes Chutney! :--)

  52. Happy bday !!!!!!!!!!

    i luved this post fo urs.....

    smellign liek a fruit salad!!!!! LOLL

  53. Piranthanaal Vaazhthukkal.......Koncham late auh wish pannalum

  54. Haha, add another girl to the mix and that's my family. I'm pretty sure my dad has given up on all things remotely male.


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