In conversation with Lalit Modi

A statistical analysis of Lalit Modi's recent 5 minute impromptu interview with the former beefcake of Indian Cricket, Ravi Shastri. ...

A statistical analysis of Lalit Modi's recent 5 minute impromptu interview with the former beefcake of Indian Cricket, Ravi Shastri.

No of times Lalit Modi said the word TRP in a sentence - 15

No of times Lalit Modi said the word "Merchandise" in a sentence - 13

No of times Lalit Modi said the word "Sponsors" in a sentence - 19

No of times Lalit Modi said "Soldout Tickets" in a sentence : 23

No of times Ravi Shastri said "cheerleaders" in a sentence - 21

And you thought the IPL was about the cricket.

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  1. Ravi Shastri, beefcake? LOL. Stds too low.

  2. Nice to see your post after a looooong time :)..

    IPL is just an excuse for cricket :D..

  3. I laughed so much reading that "beefcake" sentence!! :) :)

    But so true, IPL is all about the glamor n fame!

    Awesome! :)


  4. He he ... true! Money Money Money it is and Cheerleaders!

  5. He he he.. Too many TRP in that interview Especially when its considered down ;) .

  6. I wonder if there were other words in these sentences :)

  7. Ravi Shastri seems to be bent on trying to Apple polish Lalit Modi in every possible way. It almost looks like he's hitting on Modi. :-P

    Lalit Modi laam madhichu oru postaa? :) Judging by the length of the post, seems like orey the CA preps!

  8. u cud have graphjammed this..

    and oru omakuchi payalukku poi beefcake nu pattam kudukarthu is purely imagination kolar i tell u..

  9. Ravi Shastri is more cheesecake, IMO...

    and IPL resembles the famous Tata Steel ad...
    "We also play cricket"

  10. Ravi Shastri is not a beefcake. He is a seasoned campaigner who gives the language the kitchen sink and sends it off into space like a tracer bullet. But in anycase, nobody wins. It's cricket that wins in the end

  11. LOL! But only 5-minute impromptu interviews? Lalit Modi probably babbles TRP, Merchandise and Sponsors even while in sleep! :D

  12. hehe, mr. shenoy made a comment about lalit modi in my post on ipl last season. modi would kill himself if he reads it :p

  13. Great piece. I seriously think you should submit this somewhere for publication before it makes the rounds as an email forward.

    Chokkathangam: So Ravi Shastri is omakuchchi for you? So who qualifies as your hunk? Gundu Kalyanam?
    - very hurt former shastri fan

  14. @inba: u've given me a task akin to explaining to vijay fans why vijay movies suck.. it is not the movies' sucking itself that is the issue. that is a given. it is just clearing the mist in the mind of the fan. i am in the midst of exam frenzy and enakku ippothikku panrathukku thembille.. one clue: try to look up his stats and find his weight. i probably weigh twice as much as him. and i tend to call ppl who weigh twice as much as me (and can see their own toes) as hunks..

  15. and where did u pluck gundu kalyanam from??!!

  16. @idling
    Low standards? Look who's talking! :P

    :) thanks.

    thanks :)

    Oh yes, apparently all the women in my mom's generation just couldnt get enough of him

    you bet!

    Low? Really?

    Oh yes, namely : Is, was, are, because, you, me.


    Modi's the dude with the paycheck, so I guess he's justified. And ya, orey the CA preps! Lol

    Lol, I'm not too acquainted w/ graph jam. And Ravi Shastri is not omakuchi! He used to be very dishy during his heydays

    Cheesecake a? Ada paavis!

    Vaango vaango! :D And yes, cricket wins. Or should I say, cricket has a citi moment of success.

    @Hussain Haidry
    That is a possibility.

    Keep thinking :P

    Oh yes, long time indeed :D

    Oh yes, he had said something about him in my previous post about IPL I too. Something on the lines of how Modi'd probably not hesitate to sell his own grandmother to get a few more sponsors. Lol.

    Thanks! and orrey the LOL at gundu Kalyanam! Whats with these boys, really? Dhanush moonja kaasu kuduthu paakaraanga aana Ravi Shastri maari smart guys-a kanda pudikaliyam...I think idhukku peru dhaan poramai!

  17. Aww...

    You didn't count "SRK"," Shilpa", Preity" and Nita"!!!

  18. Have you noticed that whenever the camera focuses on some hot gal, Ravi Shastri suddenly stops his commentating ? :P

  19. what kinda sentence would have 21 times cheerleaders... i gotto listen to this.. looks more like a captain vijayakanth type updates :P

    BTW big fan of your blog.. great work.. keep it up..


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