Studied and Saw..

Just wanted to stop by and dust a few cobwebs. Exam to start in 2 days and here I am, without a worry in the world. I'm telling you, thi...

Just wanted to stop by and dust a few cobwebs.
Exam to start in 2 days and here I am, without a worry in the world. I'm telling you, this is not me at all, usually I end up breaking a couple of blood vessels, throw a few things around, create mini nuclear explosions etc. However this time around I am totally stress free.
I think its the approach, I have become very Rajnikanth these days, quoting meaningless himalayan philosophies everywhere I go, much to my mother's annoyance. Truth be told, she's more scared of the exam than I am.
I don't see the point though, examination is just a process, and this time I'm studying purely for the knowledge and not for passing.
I'll study to pass in my next attempt I think.

Wish me luck anyway! Will be back June 12th :)

PS: Just in case you were wondering, the title of this post is inspired by a popular tamil song which has been my motto through out the holidays.

More bad translation (due to fear of chappal throwing, which seems to
be on its way to becoming an olympic sport, only the first stanza has been translated)

Studied and saw didnt get in head
Drunk and saw then i was well read
Smiled and saw, she said no no
Stared and saw, then she wanted to go!

Inspired, I know.

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  1. Good luck w/ the exam, loosu :)

    And don't put vetti scene and all. We all know you are one chamathu kutti. :)

  2. All the best ..
    nice translation.

  3. Agree with Idling, too much drama. :)

    Good luck

  4. I had a neighbour who used to grow beard and take leave from office and prepare for CA exams for months together and still no success..

    And here you are with the blogposts and twitter..

    All the best for the exam :P

  5. lol @ Idling.
    Good luck with the exam, Ms. Chutney. :)

  6. Good luck, we'll dust the cobwebs here...

  7. Don't cheat on your exams.

  8. All the very best and may lady luck shine on u! :)


  9. good luck for this one, and the next one, and the next one.........

    (wait, how many attempts are there? :P)

  10. General wishes: All the best!

    Specific wishes: May the God of Chartered Accountancy rain hellfire and brimstone on the examiner who dares to mark you down.

    Go slay 'em, lady.

  11. all the beshtu!

    in mumbai, we have a saying which goes "saal mein do baar, baar baar, lagataar"...

    hope u dont get inspired by that :)

  12. Best of luck for your exams

    In College we knew a bengali saying which went as :
    "Boi Khata pore je,
    Gadi chapa more she...."

    which can be translated as :
    One who reads and works hard ends up feeling like he/she went under a railway train.

    So your current approach is pretty good.

  13. kannu, singam single attempt la pass aayidum. u don't worry. good luck :)

  14. lol! Ivlo buildup aa stress-free aa irken solradukku?! that song reminded me of "Saroja Saman Nikalo" :D

    bestobest girl :)

  15. All the best. Think of Velukudi for inspiration!

  16. Good luck Chutney!! :--)
    Dont have that guy as inspiration urupatta madhiri than :--)
    YOu will do well.

  17. Good luck chutney. Ozhunga padichu ellathayum first attempt clear pannavum. All the best

  18. oru siriya kuTTrattai yaam umakku viLakka virumbugirOm.

    anda renDaavadu linela irukkara EriDucchu paDippillai Da kaNNa.

    some nakkeeran level dialogue that is. moonRu kaNNullavan sonnaalum kuTTram kuTTramE. :D

    All the best and all.

    PS: If you want some TR level naansans, please to check my blahg

  19. Ozhunga padichu, fail aiponaa,
    take it easy policy.

  20. Ha ha mini nuclear explosion where - In Kitchen? With Pressure Cooker? Good luck with your exams!

  21. Good luck with the exams and thanks but no thanks for the transalation. People who don't know Tamil are better off ;)

  22. nice a real nice blog...all the best for your exams..

  23. Hey... am new to your blog.. but happened to pop into your chutney case.. thank god my boss who sits next to me din see me read your blog continuosly. Wonderful and enthusiastic writing. kudos to you gal and all the best for your exams too... go break the leg...

  24. Hahahaha! And the chutney-ness continues despite monster CA exams looming overhead.

    All the best! May you get easy questions, and if not, then, loads of chances to cheat instead. :P

  25. Good lux, and good Palmolive also.

  26. chutney, I'd kill for a full translation of that song :)

  27. 'padhichu paarthen yerra villai, kudichi parthen errirchu'

    I must say, there's lots of truth and wisdom in that :P (I can attest to it)

  28. Hi,

    I chanced upon ur blog and must say it is just superbbb!!! Keep writing and yes Hope you had the best of exams!!!
    Looking forward to read lots and lots from you


  29. Haha, I'm sure they went well? With Himalayan Philosophy and all.


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