In the Dark Knight movie that is my life, cost accounting turned out to be the Joker. Why so serious? Yea, because it sucks to flunk the sec...

In the Dark Knight movie that is my life, cost accounting turned out to be the Joker. Why so serious? Yea, because it sucks to flunk the second group after getting too-good-to-be-true marks in the first [73 in law and 60 in auditing, bitch!], not to mention a big fat surplus to carry forward, had it not been for the teensy fact that the institute decided to curve our results and made cost accounting the scape goat.

I had been wary of costing from the beginning, so I guess it wasn't much of a surprise, but there were plenty of people who used to tell me stuff like "Ya ya, you'll say like this only, but you'll pass off" before the results came. So I guess, there's more than just grammar that has to be corrected there. I'm actually confused about how to feel cause half the people I met today congratulated me for clearing the first group while the other half condoled me as if I had lost my nose in a tragic bike accident.

The one thing I am sure of, is that this result is no indicator of my intelligence or awesomeness. Just that I hadn't planned as well as I should have. They also tell me that the result has been tres miserable this time. Only 4% totally passed in both groups. But as far as I'm concerned, that's no excuse. I'm glad that this came as a lesson in the right time to get my act together and clear the second group. Which I will. This November.

To Chartered Accountancy, and beyond.

If you're not aware, the CA intermediate exam is in 2 parts - the first group and the second group, consisting of 3 papers each.
The first group consists of accounts, law and auditing.
The second group consists of cost accounting, tax and infotech/strategic management.
Each group requires 40% in every individual paper, but an overall average of 50%. [150 on 300 per group and 300/600 overall]. I'd write about the mammoth syllabus but there's not enough space here.

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  1. It's ok, you are still awesome, loosu. :D

  2. Onward march to November!All the best.

  3. Nonsense.In the Sivaji movie that is your life, Costing is but a cold VaLakka Bajji. Just order one more.

  4. You will pass off next time ya! (sic)

  5. Lol @ Jai's comment - In the Star Wars movie that is your life, group 1 was Chutney Skywalker blowing up Death Star. Group 2 was Cost Accounting playing Empire Strikes Back. Awaiting "Return of the Jedi" in November. :D

    p.s. wanted to use "Knocked up" as an analogy too, but desisted since this is a G-rated blog ;-)

  6. I always thought Cost-A-Count was a cheap Dracula Costume place. Anyways, chin-up. One good thing about failure is that it forces you to introspect and find things about yourself that you wouldn't have found out otherwise.

  7. In the Quick-Gun Murugan movie that is your life, go shoot some raaascals. And mind it.

  8. lol @ Jai's vazhakka bajji analogy!

    issokay chutney, there is always hope and salvation in despair :)

  9. Congratulations!

    Kill the bitch in November...

  10. LOL @ all the analogies here!
    No worries, I'm sure writing in Nov again is going to make you even more awesome! :)

    If you still need help to burn a small part of the institute building for the 'cost accounting' mistake they did..let me know!:D

    btw, what about Mr.P's results from the client place?


  11. Congrats on one group ya...don't worry ya..second group also you can pass off in November ya..

    psst..psst..Mr.Accountant result ene aachu ??

  12. ippo enna pass only na.

    so no worries jollu, nov mein ejjams means more nocturnal tweets!

    good shit

  13. Vivek (actor) once told a friend "Arrears illadavan ara manidan"

    ara = half

    So now you are complete


  14. i think its awesome enough you cleared the first part. you are the first person i know who did it in one go, seriously.

  15. We Bangaloreans are big fans of by-two kaapi pa. It tastes better and there is more in each cup. idu anda maadiri daan.

  16. I don't wanna treat u like you lost your nose in a tragic accident. I'll wait and congratulate you after the november results come! :)

  17. If you spend more time studying and solving costing problems, especially previous 5 years questions, you will easily pass.
    I cleared CA final this time just reading last 10 years papers. It is just like any UG exam. All the best.

  18. Nonsense.Joker was like the awesomeness of dark night! :-| Jai's analogy is more appropriate! (:P)
    All the best(u) for november!

  19. :)

    I'll just say, "been there, done that!"

    And I know how we don't really want sympathy from people and we don't really want to dissect our marks, and answer questions like, "kitne marks se reh gaya?"

    Sigh, this too shall pass! :D November it is for me too!

  20. @ Iyengar

    it is SO not like any other UG exam - it is sheer luck you cleared your finals by solving last 10 years' papers.

  21. Hard luck. I was rooting for you all the way...

    I heard this from a senior of mine - in his opinion, the Institute decides to chop away marks nation-wide in specific subjects! Sounded goofy to me then, but I know a lot of deserving people who have aced the first group and come a cropper in costing just like you. :(

    All the very best for November! :)

    @ What's in a name?! - Totally agree! CA Final is not, NOT any old exam!! If anyone passes by reading ten years papers, it is sheer luck!!

  22. Hi Chutney,

    Remember every marble stone on the pathway there is the exam fees of one of us. They just cannot amass anymore wealth. Go get them, lady.

    I was thinking you'd announce a rank or some such. Well, I'll hope for that in Final.

    All the best!

  23. You'll ace it in Nov. All the best!

  24. pona pogudhu vidu, there is always November

  25. Wow, thanks you guys. In the DVD library that is my life, you guys are the oscar winners...lol.

    And yea, apart from nailing it in november, you guys can expect a rank announcement for my final :P This failure has actually helped me in more ways than one.

    UG exam? that must one hell of a college you went to!

  26. i shud be saying smthing nice and sympathetic like all these guys, but my first reaction is "cha, poiyum poiyum costing la..."

    (sorry, but am an ICWA grad and costing has alwez been my fav subject... and perhaps the easiest of the lot... unlike boring law)

  27. @SRK
    tuition edipeengala saar? :P I think the reason i flunked wasn't cause I was dumb/bad at costing. Truth be told I was really good. Then the old story happened - I got cocky and didn't practise as much as I should have.

    Law isn't boring btw, it just needs extra intelligence.

    And a little birdie told me that ICWA/CS is what people do when they know they can't pass CA :P

  28. tuition eduthitu irundhen, now no time :)

    and ur little birdie is correct, but since I did not want to endure CA, I did the next best thing... CAT :)

  29. and law needs memory... intelligence and law are not supposed to be used in the same sentence!

  30. All the very best girl :) and its great that you cleared the first part

  31. Hi CC,

    This is all part of becoming a CA!!
    Better luck next time!!

  32. Good luck! Hope things work out for you the first time around in future.

  33. thats the right post mortem over the half lost battle. whip it off next time. g'luck :-)

  34. Sivabalan, from MalaysiaSeptember 11, 2009 at 8:06 PM

    hey girl.. hahaha, i totally have no idea who u are, but i have to say, ur posts are very amusing! keep it up!!! yar

  35. I thought I commented. Congrats, partly. :--)

  36. Did Mr.P pass the tests ? if so did you throw bricks ?

  37. நீ பரவா இல்லேம்மா , நான் சி எ பண்ணின போது முதல்லே ஒரு எழவும் புரியலே. பி எஸ் சி கணக்கு பண்ணிட்டு அக்கௌண்டன்சி படிக்க வேடிக்கையா இருந்தது. அப்பறமா சீக்ரெட் தெரிஞ்சது! எல்லா மேட்டர்லேயும் பண்டாவை நல்லா புரிஞ்சிண்டா யுவராஜ் மாதிரி ஆறு பேபர்லேயும் சிக்ஸர் அடிக்கலாம். என்னவேணும்னாலும் சொல்லு, அவ்ளோ பெரிய பேபர்லே Obituary போஸ்டிங் மாதிரி ஐந்து வரிகளே வர ரெசல்டே பாக்கற போது எப்படி இருக்கும் தெரியுமா. நான் பாஸ் பண்ணும் போது 2% தான் ரெண்டு க்ருப்லேயும் தேறினது. (Final May 1972). இண்டர்லே விட்டதே பைனல்லே டாப் த்ரீ லே புடிச்சா போச்சு. கலைப்படாதே சட்னீ.


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