5 Greatest English Dialogues in Tamil Cinema

[In no specific order] 1. I'm a bad man : Possibly one of the most overlooked, but also one of the most reeking-of-awesomeness dial...

[In no specific order]

1. I'm a bad man :

Possibly one of the most overlooked, but also one of the most reeking-of-awesomeness dialogues in Tamil Movie history was Kannada Prabhakar's "I'm a baaad man" in the epic Rajnikant movie Annamalai. There can be only one reason for the neglect of a dialogue that is so high in degree of badassness and that, is Thalaivar. The dialogue features in the climax scene of the most kvlt Rajnikant movie in Rajnikant movie history. No, really - Apart from making a fortune of billions (from being a broke milkman) within the span of 4 minutes by singing inspirational hard work song in a black background, Thalaivar gets the news that his ex-best-friend (Sarath jilpathalai Babu, as if you didn't know that already!) is being beaten up by baddies. The moment he hears the news, he moves his feet from the sofa, picks up his sun glasses and gets up to save his ex-friend. THAT, is what people who see the movie remember, more than the dialogue. Do you see the way he moves his foot? The way he puts on those glasses? The way he stands up? Do you see it? See it again. You'll understand why he is who he is. Thalaivar. He's a baaad man.

Kannada Prabhakar's elation is evident upon getting mentioned in chutneycase, and finally getting the publicity he deserves.

2. Eieieidowhatisay

The man is a legend (cue for gaptun, gaptun chants). He has been a one man army, killer of terrorists using mere eye contact, the hidden gem of the Indian army, pigeon trainer and a pink blazer with leopard print shirt wearing fashion icon all IN THE SAME MOVIE. This particular dialogue stands for everything that is Gaptun - power, command and most importantly STYLE. See the way he enters into the scene with aplomb, and captures your attention with his rendition of the line "Yeny odhar inbarmayson pass it to me" and displays his mad geographical knowledge of India by citing regions like Banchkula. Did you even know there was a Banchkula before Gaptun said so? Touch your heart. If you were aware, then you either wrote the dialogues in the movie or you're a cold hearted liar. Notice the authority in his voice when he says "Mister Asog" and the extreme strategic skyllz when he asks his subordinate to "block all yentry points espesally from Delhi locayson". But the piece de resistance (and I'm sure Mr.Asog will agree, aam sir) has to be Gaptun's execution of "Eieieidowhatisay". The greatness of this dialogue is naturally the tone - casual, but commanding. Friendly, but professional. Don't be surprised if Eieieidowhatisay is included in Harvard's MBA syllabus soon.

3. What a Man.

Rajni takes his shirt off. Enough said. What a man.

4. Catch my point?

What's a list on English dialogues in Tamil movies without Kamal Haasan? His expertise in the language has still not been matched by any actor in the industry. He's had his fair share of english dialogues, but the most famous and perhaps most quoted dialogue would be "catch my point?" from his greatest comedy film of all time, Michael Madana Kamarajan. The dialogue, like the movie is a classic and somehow, never gets old. You...catch my point?

5. Start Meesic

Goundamani is one man who always had the best lines. Somehow, his newer roles these days don't have the bite that classic Goundamani did, and Suriyan is as classic Gounder as classic Gounder can get. His "comedy track" had no relevance to the actual story, thus complying with Tamil Cinema rules, and not surprisingly, became the sole reason for the film's success. 90% of the people who saw Suriyan won't remember the hero or the heroine or the plot. They will only remember Gounder. I doubt any other movie had as many phrases quoted from it (including "Who is that disturbance" "Arasiyalla idhelaam sagajam appa!" and "Sathyasodhanai") like this one did, thus making it the starting point of the Tamil pop culture movement and Gounder its founding father. Wokay-nga publics, enough talking. Press play button, start meesic!

Honourable Mentions:
1. Sing in the rain - Vadivelu

2. Sorry for the interruption, this is only my introduction - TR

3. Do you underwear? - Thalaivar
(Note the usage of the word "jalsa" as well)

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  1. Ayyo too much. You left out "oppress and depress" it should have been in "Also considered" :D

  2. super post.
    you also left out " naice schmile" by vadivelu :D
    and i know i know by raghuvaran :)

  3. Where is TR, I say? Ironically, this is also oppress and depress and suppress wonly.

    Anyway, ROTFLmax. And thalaivar ought to sue Kalaignar for using similar glasses and looking like a dork for what seems like a millenium now.

  4. Lol Nice !

    You missed to mention "Sandigar" in the Vijaykanth Video. That i think was way beyond my imaginations until the 'Eeiy Do what i say' comes !

    Rajnikant's "Last but not least ... " from Padayappa. "rich gets ricchher poover gets pooverer" from Sivaji
    too may get a consolation mentions !

    Not to mention Major Sundarrajan - i guess he was the pioneer in introducing english in tamil movies.

    Idlingattopgear: All said, i think oppress and depress was a very very meaning ful statement.

    the funny part was he asks "Which television are you from" as though he was expecting Onida or Philips as the answer !

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. eieiedowhatisay also includes saandikar...and many more brilliant ones dont get mention..what about jitham ramesh culture teaching?strong candidate that..

  7. super list. kounder's should be on the top, followed by MMKR (i guess you said no specific order, so ok:) ! and also there is one epic dialogue from rajinikanth in the movie velaikkaran (a lift of amitabh's in the hindi version i guess) and gaptun's 'We will meet, will meet, meet' from vanchinathan or narasimha i forget; also there is one fantastic exchange between the rich-acting rajinikanth and kounder in uzhaippali...

  8. What an effin ROTFL compilation! Prilliance Lavanya! :-) I LOVED eieieidowhatisay and who is the distrapance :D

  9. Pliss note

    "Eat my dosa or die" - Nassar (Quick gun murugan)

    "Hands uppu" - Gaptun

  10. Great post...no one can beat kound's style when he says "start meesic"

  11. just came across this blog today, via a tweet. and have to say was immensely regaled by the rajni videos. have for ages checked youtube for a couple of rajni's fight & dance sequences, since my knowledge of tamil is limited to just a single sentence "innega tamil theriyada" (i am assuming i typed that out correctly ;))

    excellent compilation. wish external subtitles could be added to youtube videos, but then, sometimes, the fun of watching these clips lies in self-interpretation

  12. ASOG was the GEM on this entire post. My man ... ROTFL :) Good one buddy!!

  13. Eh! Thalaivar tells "I am a bad man" at the end of the movie. The car in which the villan is in has a petrol leak. Thalaivar will light a match and set it on fire..

    And you missed "Who is the dog voice?" of Goundamani in Gentleman..

  14. //"Arasiyalla idhelaam sagajam appa!"//
    FYI, it is saadharanamappa!

  15. one more - 'I was karnered' - in Sivaji by thalaivar

  16. remba over madam... too good...

  17. Bharath's peter 'there is something fundamentally wrong wit the ethos' followed by the mookodanjin in boys is LOL moment 2... Heck, v tried 2 insert the piece in our conversations wherever impossible 2... Nice blog entry... Enjoyed it... :)

  18. Great compilation!! Noone beats Goundar..He is the king of this art.:)

  19. Great Post.Two gems which would have made it to my list:

    "I know" by Raghuvaran, which has attained cult status even among my non-Tamil speaking friends.

    Vivek's leave letter to the policeman in Parthiban Kanavu - still figuring out if its a kalaai of us English speakers or the policeman

  20. "his newer roles these days don't have the bite"
    And his older classic roles didn't get the respect they deserve back when they came out. Thanks to our generation & youtube, we're according the man's genius the respect it rightfully deserves.

  21. excellent post...
    wat about t "DAAAAAAM IT !" of t gr8 sivaji ganesan ....

  22. where's "jest for jatti" and same blood !!!

  23. Thalaivar Thalaivarthaan. But I ishtrongly rejistar my protests. Number two should be Number one.

    Eieieidowhatisay rait now!

  24. nice compilation. :)
    also vadivelu's "haiyoo haiyoo" and "no baby ma" are classic.

  25. I can forgive my creator the lapse of not making me a billionaire, or giving me the looks of Rock Hudson (though I must say he has been kind in not giving me that worthy's inclination) but I cannot - CANNOT - suffer the injustice of not being granted the boon of understanding Tamil. Super post!!

    My favorite is Eieidowhatisay. I am planning to have this printed on a Tee shirt. Your kind permission is sought for the same. Also "Start Meesic". Definitely deserves a tee.

  26. Another one for the list :) .. My family total damage :)


  27. What about "I know dialogue" by raghuvaran in puriyatha puthir..

    And yup "What a man" is the stuff of legends :p .. great topic !

  28. "We will meet. Will meet. Meet" from another gaptun movie is a classic line.

    It didn't get the attention it deserved since the movie bombed badly.

  29. Nice post.....But, how could you ever leave out "Enna koduma idhu Saravanan"...

  30. Too good. Made my day :)

    Btw I would put 'Sing in the Rain' amongst the 5 greatest

  31. nah TR should have made to the list.... a legend can never be let down... is it like another Phir Mile Sur?

  32. Some gems you forgot about:
    * Gaptain's 'We will meet. will meet. meet'.
    * KR Vijaya's "Pleese goyeway from here" from Pattanathil Bootham.
    * Thalaivar's walkEnglish-talkEnglish.

  33. How come "same blood" is missing ?

  34. Goundamani and Thalaivar are like the mafia of dialogues...Each one better than the other, and so so SO difficult to compile in a list..I guess each one's list would differ, but your's definitely did justice... :)

  35. Good compilation.
    Of course, there will be suggestions to include some or leave out some. But a start has been made, and it's lists like this that add to our movie-watching experiences. Nice one.

  36. How did TR's courtroom dialogue not make the Top5? Special Mentions are humbugs. I shall take this as a personal insult to my thalaivar, and you shall hear from my lawyer soon.

  37. And you forgot Vadivelu's, "You are my bessshhhhhht phreend".

  38. Nice!
    There are a couple of lines from Maruthamalai by Vadivel:
    1) Doooo WHAT I SHAY!!!!
    2) Shud aap yuvar bilady mowth yend releashe HEEEM immeyat! (the one rite after risk edukaradhu rusk saapdara madiri)..
    Awesome ones!!!!

  39. Loved it, nice collection. You may also add "Communna commu, Comminatti go" by Aachi Manorama.

  40. excellent compilation. One other favourite was "very fast gurll" by vivek in some vijay movie.

    have been following your blog for sometime, you write really well. Keep it up.

  41. Amazing post.

    But do check out if this deserves a honourable something -


  42. "I'm a bad man" and "What a man" dont deserve to be in the list. that clears away 2 spots.

    proposals to fill the 2 spots
    1. "suppress and depress"
    2. "dont get emotion and irritation"
    3. "why bledd? chame bledd"
    4. "who is the daag voice?"
    5. "after all, 20 crores loss ma, adukku poo chinna kozhanda madiri azhudukuttu irukkan. like a child! aai money come today go tomorrow ya. silly peoples!"

  43. So give us the good news regarding your result

  44. Everyone, thanks for the appreciation :)

    i cleared! :) 177 - 64 costing, 54 tax, 59 infotech :)

  45. Lavanya
    Dont let Charukesh/vichar bully you. We are here if you need any support to fight this. both financial and emotional.
    take care

  46. who is the drungen munk?!

  47. You must include Jai's English phrases from the movie GOA. That would be the crowning glory to this post.:D.

    You should also post best Hindi dialogues, and to start with "sardarji, kya bolte to kuch ne ka goa ka kitna ka time?" from GOA.

  48. OMG! how could you forget "Take the 25 roobees" by Goundamani?PLease redo the list!!:D

  49. Thats awesome. You bitchslapped costing this time.
    So when are you writing your finals?

  50. Well done chutney. Paadhi kinaru thaandiyaachu, not long to go. Congratulations.

  51. Romba, romba, romba funny, I say! The only one I wud add - who is the dog voice by Gound in Gentleman! :-)

    I absolutely love your writing! Pls don't stop anytime soon...

  52. Everyone - thanks!

    May '11. And yea, my costing score this time was 3x what i got the last time! which was pretty cool B)

    nandri :)

    Goa's not going to be iconic anytime soon, lol. And coming up with only 5 meant sacrifices had to be made, like take the tonty five :)

  53. Haha good one :) Prashant's pedophile like 'I like it' in Jeans should also be considered as an honorable mention imo

  54. haha funny.

    What about

    "that's why your father-mother kept that name" from Guru Sishyan.

  55. Had a good laugh chutney...and Congrats got the good news from Vanilla fierce's blog that you cleared..... good job :)

  56. "Bliuw me Babyma!"
    (Believe me babyma)


    "I Deva No!
    Me Go Deva come."


    "Birdher Maark"
    (Dubai birdher. Issokay, cool down yaa)


    And there is ore oru padam, I've quite brilliantly forgotten the name of it. Said padam has Kamal and Rajini as cool dacoity characters, kKamal being the one with a little more heart than Rajini. At some crucial points in the story, Rajini beats some sense into Kamal's 'heartfelt' decisions by loud ah kathifying,

    "Stupeeed, Stupeeed! Aaall Stupeeed!"

  57. Thats a nice way of putting it. 3x can happen only in ca, thanks to the weird system.
    All the best for your finals! Hopefully some good guy is the president in your attempt.

  58. Super post..and couldn't agree more!:) :) so happy that someone thinks the same way about abbas dialogue,"What a man i say?",when i saw the movie i was the only one laughing in the room.

  59. Wonderful compilation of my fav dialogues. Especially Thalaivar's 'underwear'. Every time I hear that or see him delivering it,I am in splits. So is the perfect diction of Kamal in MMKR. No one could pull that role off even now..

    Kannada Prabhakar m\ust be over the moon on reading your post..add me in the list of the bad man's fans!

  60. Nice pick.. I guess, you've covered almost all good onezzz la... Did u miss any??


  61. Hilarious!
    I love comedy part esp Goundamani/Senthil and Vivek/Vadivelu.

    I can walk english/talk english/laugh english :) guess it was as funny as gurushishyan!!

  62. Sing in the rain is ultimate .....y bleed , same bleed.......ROFL

  63. Great compilation! Kamal's MMKR also had the memorable 'wait a nimit for 5 minits'!

  64. the "catch my point" was a great source of back door ribaldness in school when MMKR released...and yea kamal always gets the best english dialogues...sigh i wish he did not have that artificial accent though!

  65. Super compilation. I expected this legendary dialogue "Ei dandanaka. Ei danakunakka" No one can beat this:-)

  66. damn good collection there!!! "caetch my boint" n "underware" are my favs!!! :D :D

  67. "I'm a baaaaad man" is one of my all-time favorites - it is one of the first Thalaivar movies I watched that truly opened my eyes to his awesomeness.

    Plus it meant hours of trying to replicate his style. Which as we all know is impossible.

    Great stuff. TR completes the list perfectly.

  68. I can talk english walk english laugh english :)

  69. vanmaya kandikkaren. No honourable mention for "Technology has improved so much aa?" :D

  70. I am surprised you dont have

    "the rich get richer, the poor get poorer" from Shivaji :P

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Sooper post. To add to the list, I (too) recommend Gabtun's famous dialogue. Whats a super-punch-stylish-dialogue without an impressive camera effect? This one is unbeatable in that aspect.
    [swoosh...and pan and zoom in from right...]
    "WE WILL MEET..."
    [swoosh... pan out left]
    [swoosh... pan and zoom in from left]
    "...WILL MEET"
    [swooshhhhhh...pan out to top]
    [swooshhhhhh... pan and zoom in from top]
    [swooosshhhhhhhhh.. we all zoom out of consciousness!]

    Apparently, 007 watched this and felt it childish to use his "am Bond...James Bond" stuff. He is reported to be searching for an alternative intro phrase.

  73. Latest additions you can make to this ... list,

    Epdi irunda naan ipdi ayten :(

    Varooooo.... aaana....varaaadu ! :D

    LOL, Neat post !

  74. vijaykanth and vijaykumar in chatriyan - " unnoda resignation lettera oru long leave letter a naan consider panikaren" something like that...


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