Dial M for Murugappan - A Shenoy

"Gentlemen, please. We're not handling an ordinary man here - not only did he blow up 250 civilians and 4 police officers, but the ...

"Gentlemen, please. We're not handling an ordinary man here - not only did he blow up 250 civilians and 4 police officers, but the man still has the gall to act like he did the government a favour!"

"Did he squeal yet?"

"Which is our problem. We've tried everything. We tasered him yesterday, and well, he started laughing. He seems to be more wary of Salimbhai's biriyani than he is of us"

"The man is key, officer. You do understand that. He holds privy to information that could bust the entire terrorist network not just in India, but internationally."

"Yes sir, and hence we tried everything. Perhaps we need something different. Something that's unconventional. Something that'll have him co-operate. Something that's...."


Murugappan. He was no ordinary Police Officer. He was a force below the Vindhyas. Now think of a man, who not only handled criminals like one handles mosquitoes, possessed a voice that could silence anyone within a 10 kilometre radius but also bore an uncanny resemblance to Vijaykant.

Are you scared?
So are we.

When the man talked, people would listen. Even when he burped, people would listen. And so National Security, when sent an order from this great man, could do little other than despatch their most wanted prisoner to an interior town in Tamil Nadu.

When the aforementioned accused met Murugappan, he was amused. But our man was not.
"Tell me who you work for, and I'll make this easy for you."

A sneer spread on the terrorist's face.

"Really? You think you can just ask me a question and I'll give you an answer?"

"I'll ask you one more time. Tell me who you work for. "

"Is that really the best you can do?"

This time, Murugappan sneered. He switched on the device and turned up the knob. And Murugappan knew, he knew that nothing could have prepared the terrorist for what he was made to go through for the next 180 minutes.

The next day, the terrorist was found dead - he had committed suicide, not before writing down all his confessions, and exposing his entire ring.

National Security was in complete awe.

"How?" they chorused.

Murugappan only smiled.

"You see gentlemen - where there's a Villu, there's a way."

PS: Please excuse the mokkai. It is the result of my renewing membership into the International Council of Shenoy-ers.
For more groans, please to click here, here and here.
Previous groans can be accessed here (at your own risk)
The grand daddy of all groans, Mr.Shenoy

PPS: I really didn't mean for this to be first post of the New Year but oh well. Have a good year, all :)

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  1. And the International Coalition of Shenoy-ers gets its prodigy recruit. :D

  2. Wicked! Also quickly looked up your "Villu" piece. The "spot the 6 differences" was awesome, among other things.

  3. Haha awesome one! I was expecting TR but Vijaykant, well, good enough!

  4. Lol !
    Its high time Vijay reforms I guess.. My last post was about Vijay movies as well.. kinda inspired by krishashoks graphs..

  5. appanay murugaa ennai mattum kaapatu...
    villu powerfullu,
    indha blogu romba lollu...

  6. Well mokkai is a special skill and being an ardent fan and (at times) practitioner of it, I appreciate this :P

  7. There's a coalition??? God save the world :)

    Mokkai or no mokkai - funny it is:)

  8. Villu link click panni 6 difference kandupidikka time aayiduchu...ippo thaan gybagam vanthathu inge comment poda.

    Intially I thougt Murugappan is another "Subramani"....By the way how is it going with Subra!!Koncham isssssstyle irukattumnnu koopitten!

  9. The story's nice but the mokkai is too too old i'm afraid. ethalam college la eppayo potutaanga pa potutaanga ! :) ( vadivelu style ) :-D

  10. Old Joke!!! You din know that the movie villu has been replaced by vettaikaran now??? :P

  11. Thou shall also qualify in the hall of fame of "Groan to the power of Groan" posts.

  12. bosss villu pona new year pakama(pongal) vandhuchu.... recenta vetta arambamaiduchu... youthsoda touch vachukonga...

  13. yendimma, ivlo nanna ezhudhariye, un paer enna?

  14. Please, by doing this, you might discourage Joseph Vijay from making more such movies, depriving us bEmaanis of immense joy.

  15. ippolam vera vera vera jokes vandhuruchu..and usa kalaika mateengala?

  16. Ha ha... the "M" guy la... Hm... Funny..!!



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