Today is Karadayan Nombu . I will admit that I'm not aware of the history of this particular event in the Hindu calendar. Painful ignora...

Today is Karadayan Nombu. I will admit that I'm not aware of the history of this particular event in the Hindu calendar. Painful ignorance aside, I can only remember it as one of those days in the year I get to eat two varieties of Kozhukattai, and giggle along with my sister when my mother would ask us to "pray for a good husband".

I had been out for coffee with a friend earlier in the evening, and had made it home just in time for eating the kozhukattais, er, to the pooja. It was the same routine - Amma did her pooja after which she asked us to "pray" and predictably, my sister and I started giggling.

"You should really take this more seriously" sighed my mother, interrupting my giggle fit.

"Why? And why now, and for a husband, at that. Ma, I'm only 21."

"When I was 21, I was pregnant with you. "

This year, I prayed.

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  1. 21+21 = 42 = your moms age, am i right? well, out of context!

    My mom do 3 types of kozhukattais in 4 designs :) but during pillayar sathuthi.. :(

  2. Hehe, almost the exact same story in my house (I'm 21, as well). Except I'm in the US, and my mother insisted that we convert to IST to complete the pooja. While she was saying the prayers I was insistently asking her if her prayers came true. :P

  3. Actually, for Kaaradayaan Nombu, it's Nomb-adai's (sweet+khaaram adai with vennai) for us. Is Kozhukattai an Iyengar thing then?

  4. So finally prayed for the husband or the kid ... Kunthism doesnt happen always u know !

  5. Why pray when you can choose one yourself? :)

  6. @pappu - heh, close.

    @vivalavi - :D

    @kaushik - Lol, I guess they were Nombadais. I'm just used to saying kozhakattai. No Iyengar bias here, just ignorance :D

    @sands :)

    @k bodhi - look who's talking

    @venky - Heh.

    @vish - somehow, choosing is not happening. :( I think I'm better off w praying :)

  7. Happy birthday (?)

  8. I missed eating the adais this time. Cha.

  9. Choose one yourself !!

    Prayers dont work without effort :-)

  10. Someone told me the other day that arranged marriage will only survive as affirmative action for the relationship-challenged. (Or should I say relationship-differently-abled?)

  11. Hi Chutney,

    I've got my board exams going on, but they haven't stopped me from reading Chutneyposts. I think you're ubercool...

    Please write more, and frequently.


    P.S.: And as for the Nombu, I think it has something to do with Sathyavaan-Saavithri...

  12. For sulking Tamizh payyans like yours truly staying in Amitabh Whatizname nadu studying in perukku-periya-kaalaje, such festivals bring out utter sorrow, mainly cuz you have to eat kanjupona rotti and manja podi daal yet another day when humans at home with high levels of Vitamin K brag about missing you while eating all the jazz.
    Oh well, I wonder who my tamizh penn is :-/

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. @Lavanya :

    Hm... Your prayers would be "Answered". Btw, what didja pray?? ;)


  15. If you were to kill evil kozhukottais, how would you do it?

    You guessed it - with a kozhukottaibat.

  16. It is not kozhukattai you make during karadaiyan nombu, they are called vella adai and uppu adai.Get your facts right.

  17. Chutney ponnu, me thinks that since you became famous and all, your commentors and comment section seems a lil bit different. Anyway, hope all your prayers come true.

  18. LOL... i have heard the last line from my mom too lot many times...guess its mom's trademark statement..hee hee..

  19. Well.. its the day Savitri outwitted Yama and got Satyavan back to life :) Irony is that technically, men shud pray for gettin a cool wife that and oinstead, we have women praying!

  20. I guess the "mental conditioning" starts off at this age for south indian girls!!

    Also, congrats on getting an article write-up about your blog in a newspaper. It is indeed difficult to put a smile on the reader's face with every post.. But you seem to be doing that consistently..

  21. Hey,

    nicely written , spare a thought for the men, though , same celebration happened at home and us men folk too were draggged out in front of the TV for the puja !

    Surprised that you did not make any mention of the 'yellow' thread and all its explanations at work on the morning after...


  22. Good that your mum didn't say...you are 3 years late

  23. yes, we shall parcel one abhay deol type iyengar payyan to you soon...

  24. Quite amusingly, it's rather true that the age when hormones start hijacking the intelligence to their best for this generation, the previous generation had already consummated with their partners and had us in their wombs:P. And even more amusingly they claim they have wisdom :P. Silly people. Couldn't transcend their hormone infection, inga vandhu namma uyirae edupaanga..:D..just general disdain and disregard for most of their nonsense talks reflects in my comment..but it was a quick, awesome and funny read!

  25. thanks to Ms.Chutney i too have started:

    wish me luck everybody

    to ms.chutney
    "abhivadaye vaashista...bho:"

    (i know its only said to men, still)

  26. Lol my mom is just way to shy to ask me to pray for a good husband :P

  27. Luckily my does the praying for us to get husbands herself! Lol. Interesting blog!!!

  28. Hi Chutney

    Started reading your blogs from today. Super cool. A real time scenes. Long live:)

  29. hey, this is my first time ever in your blog, i really liked it, i came by to read this http://www.chutneycase.com/2008/11/deviance.html coz someone asked me to read it :-l

    i liked it enough to read the rest of the blog, and i've subscribed, i just love bloggers and its like, i've helped several people start their blog/websites (i'm a web/print designer/developer) - if ever you need any help, it'll be a honor to help you, all you need to do is, drop in a line here at aghoshx(at)gmail(dot) com

  30. That was hilarious. :-)

    And that inherent pause before "This year, I prayed.", ROTFL. Things left unsaid make for the best words.

  31. :) you better pray hard, dear. and next time amma asks you, say you prayed for a good man, not necessarily husband. she'll stop.

  32. When I was young, I asked if the guys do the same and if my 'to-be-husband' somewhere out there would be praying? Dad said he would be praying after he gets me!

    Good one :)

  33. Hi, you have been blogging since u were 14?
    (I see June 2004) on ur profile.

    Reg'n this post only thing i say is - I wish all blog posts r so short n sweet including mine :P


  34. good one!!!! are u in any one of the social networking sites lik FB or orkut ...if so gimme ur id to add u!!!!


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