Yesterday, I heard someone talk about how he was waiting for the first thiruttu rip/torrent of Endhiran to release. Controlling my outrage (...

Yesterday, I heard someone talk about how he was waiting for the first thiruttu rip/torrent of Endhiran to release. Controlling my outrage (to put it mildly), I asked him as calmly as I possibly could - "why?"

He told me, "yenna, sumaarana padatha sumaarana print-la paatha porum"
(because a mediocre print is enough for a mediocre movie)

At this point of time, I would like to say only one thing. If Vijay movies run for more than 1 show, it's only because of guys like him.

PS - Please watch Endhiran. In the theatre. In fact, watch it 5 times.

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  1. Absolutely chutney !!! In fact a silly mortal like the one you talked to came and told me he saw Robot in Hindi online and what a lousy movie it was. I just asked him for the link to the website and sent it to the anti piracy group protecting Enthiran at antipiracygroupllc@gmail.com , and cc-ed support@itacumens.com. So, staying calm might actually help in such circumstances.

  2. Ha ha...
    Cool down, Cool down...

  3. If he finds a DVD rip of Endhiran, please provide the link :D

    PS - Yes, I know Endhiran should be watched in theatre. But imagine plight of someone like me in a small college town in USA where no theater shows Endhiran :(

  4. That would be DOCTOR Vijay Ma'am! ;-) ;-)

  5. Funny, I was in fact waiting for your review on Enthiran after watching the movie, As you never mentioned anything about it on twitter AFAIS.

    Here an Epic Scene on Facebook Videos from the movie - http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=165615196787570&ref=mf

  6. All the best for ensuing Examination!


  7. Hey, I read your blog quite regularly and let me say I LOVE your stuff, before putting forward my comment on this topic.

    I'm sure the movie is great, but that doesn't warrant exploiting public fanaticism and charging through the roof. The ticket prices for this movie are ridiculously high. While I don't support or encourage piracy, I think in this case it is the ideal response to such daylight robbery.

  8. Nice place to catch on live the rajni-mania. Interesting.

  9. There were too many Rajnis towards the end. Sort of ruined it.

  10. I see your point. how much ever you sugarcoat it endhiran is still a mediocre movie.

  11. Lol I totally agree! Its worth watching 10 times :)

  12. It is awesome movie but not a thalaivar movie:( No punch dialogue.. Not thalaivar style. But nice movie..

  13. Totally with you on this one lavanya. we've watched it 3 times(opening day, friday night and once more yesterday), we're going for the 4th time on 23rd at satyam... again, get in touch with me if you want to go too... :D

    Cheers, IM !

  14. @KDK
    machi, why punch. thalaivarey punch. his evil laugh was amazing. Mehhhhhh.

  15. endhiran is robot right.... will surely watch it in Hindi as I don't know Tamil :)

  16. @CC: That video is on youtube..irundallum missing missing something

  17. I'm ready to watch it 5 times. But I need a spare 100 dollars to do it. And I don't want to go watch it all alone - so need to take someone with me. So, make it 200 dollars. And then what do I do with my 2 kids - baby sitter? Sure +60. Popcorn, samosa, tea or coke - 10+6+6 * 5. Gas going and coming back - 5 dollars each trip - 25 there.

    So, total loss for me - 200+60+110+25 = $395.00
    Total Profit for Sun pics = their total loot +395.00
    But, watching Thalaivar doing Meeahhhh Meeeahhhh 5 times on the big screen - Priceless.

  18. //
    PS - Please watch Endhiran. In the theatre. In fact, watch it 5 times.

    3 times over
    2 pending

  19. //It is awesome movie but not a thalaivar movie:( No punch dialogue.. Not thalaivar style. But nice movie..//

    It is a movie for ACTOR Rajinikanth after a long time.....

    For the past 2 decades, we have seen only Superstar Rajni and very little of ACTOR Rajni (except bits and pieces in Thalapathi , Batsha etc)

    This movie is a treat for all ACTOR Rajni Fans

    See how he has donned 4 roles

    1. Vasikaran
    2. Chitti without emotions
    3. Chitti with emotions - see the body language and WALK... See how he walks after getting emotions and how he walks before getting emotions
    4. Chitti as Villain - The Mannerisms, And Dialogue delivery are awesome... especially the dialogue Roobooooo and Mae Mae and what not


    Added to this, ARR uses different themes as BGM
    1. For Chitti before emotions - Puthiya Manitha
    2. Chitti after emotions - Irumbilae
    3. Chitti as Villain - Arima Arima

  20. Just imagine any other actor as Villain Rajni - and rehearse the dialogues :) :) :)

  21. Delurking to say, that although piracy is a major thing to be dealt with; the movie in itself is mediocre.
    And I could watch 6 movies for $30.

    Agree with Rach. That is daylight robbery.

  22. I like your blog and your way of writing. No offense to you or your thoughts... but if that guy would have spoken the same thing about a Hindi movie you would have agreed to him...
    There is nothing great in Endhiran to watch it (ridiculously) 5 times !!!
    It deserves only 1 time in theater and rest on DVD/TV.

  23. What kind of scientist would create a robot just for the purpose of fighting in a war when there are so many other things it could do?

    Who would be crazy enough to disregard Asimov's law of robotics and still expect the robot to obey him?

    Who would dump something so sophisticated and valuable in a corporation dump? (I still have my first HDD which is not working. I think someone might remove the platter and copy the data from it.)

    A single person building a robot of any sophistication is a bit far fetched (I said the same about Data in Star Trek), but the same person programming emotion into it in a few days is really unrealistic.

    A person who has achieved so much failing to understand why his robot cannot do certain things and getting furious at shows that very little thought has gone into the personality of the hero. If anything, he will get angry with everyone else, but his creation.

    Got to go now. Maybe I will write a post on why someone should not watch the movie.

    I love your posts and tweets, but this was the worst advice you ever gave.

  24. Hahahah, I liked the movie. Didnt know you were a Rajni fan :--)

  25. Forgot to say one thing. The movie was an entertainer and I am guessing an emotional one for some. But I still want movies that are not just fairy tales.

  26. I agree with Sunil Joseph...

  27. Chutney is loosing its taste




    (shit i need to focus on work!! :P )


  31. Too good a point about Vijay. Thalaivar as you say, is punch enough...

  32. @cass22
    I agree. Vayasaindrukku.

    @sunil joseph
    I cannot offer you an argument. I will stop with saying I am very much a rajni fan,but that apart, the amount of effort that has gone into this movie cannot be discounted.

    I don't know about Isaac Asimov's theories and in all honesty, I don't have the time to sit and think about movies once I come out of the theatre. All that matters if I was entertained those 3 hours.

    If you don't want to see movies that are not fairy tales, I recommend you go to say, panagal park or richie street or north chennai. You can see reality, life, some hard hitting truths, logic and all those other things you want in movies and you even get to save a couple hundred bucks in the bargain!

    I'll say it again. All I want in a movie is entertainment, and I was thoroughly, thoroughly entertained in Endhiran.

  33. ROFL!!! Appadi patha ellam Vijay movies-um entertainment thane!!!

  34. @SR
    you are talking to the girl who saw Veerasamy thrice. And the first time I saw it, I saw it in the theatre and that was like a week before my 12th board exam. Since i topped my exams, I watched it twice on DVD again.

    So yes. Entertainment.

  35. I cant argue with THAT!!!

  36. I too agree that the movie was an entertainer and I enjoyed it too. We all need that entertainment. The effort that has gone into its making is fantastic. But if they could go so far, why not go a little further? They could have consulted with someone familiar with robotics and made sure that it was scientifically accurate too. If there is one actor in India who could have made such a movie financially viable, it is Rajni. To quote Peter Parker, "With great powers comes great responsibilities."

    I am glad people are entertained and anyone who can entertain so many people should be treasured. But my personal opinion is a great opportunity was wasted.

    "Please Sir, I want some more." :-)

  37. An overrated movie for sure. Iam a tamilan and i watched the tamil version. Here in Tamilnadu people are messmerised to tell that Endhiran was too good. People who paid so much money to watch it; do not want to look like fools. So they claim it was super duper. All the media including the english papers have been given ads and bribes to write good reviews. Rajni was forced to give talks on this movie which he has never done it before (just because the producers had a bigger clout over him). The fools are the people. After all it is a movie (After all). They back to back the showed the craziness of the fans in Sun TV and created more craziness. Tamilnadu is getting engulfed in movie frenzy like never before. People are made to sit before TV and forget all the misigivings of this current government which is plundering them. Now they are talking about Endhiran II. They will do a movie launch premiere and people will talk about this in Sun TV for sure (for three weekends). The fools are the people. My point is after all (after all) it is a movie. Why Create so much hype. Life has many more beautiful things other than movies and drama. I just thought i will vent my anger in this site. Chutney your blogs are good and i have never commented on anything. Thought i will write about this and express my honest opinion. Iam sure there will be thousands of people will be against my comment. I care a damn.
    Regards VJC

  38. Agreed.


  39. @Anony,
    Well, each has its own comment and views.Well i think its hyped up - yes agreed. I am sure endhiran haters have already written blogs/emails about how ppl hv wasted time about Endhiran.

    Endhiran is a decent watch. Even from a normal movie fan perspective,its a decent movie way better than many movies in the recent times.

    Why Kalai Dr Kuruvi? ;) His movies will in future become like Captain or TR movies.
    Saddest part is to see him 3 idiots remake.

  40. I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.

  41. No big punches - no thalaivar intro? KSR directing rajini suits me better. I prefer seeing Rajini adakyifying kalai's and neelambari's.

  42. drop by here http://isthismalarkey.blogspot.com/

  43. There were already a lot of DVDRip versions now available in the torrents. I did my best to flag them, but still, the efforts of Thalaivar, Ash, Shankar, ARR, and those great legends should not go waste. BTW, they have achieved what they deserve! Awesome movie to see without any expectations. What say guys???

  44. http://absolutelynologic.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-robotic-take-on-enthiran.html

    Not mine. A friend's blog.

    I miss the Rajni of old.

  45. Unnecessarily hyped up. I havent seen the movie. I dont plan to either. The way the 'fans' behaved was plain hooliganism.

  46. Watched "Enddhiran" - in a theater of course. No rip/ torrent for me. I thought it was awesome, and wish people would stop being so negative about the hype it has created, but, instead give it a standing ovation, for being a milestone in the film industry. And that too, a Tamil one. :-)))

  47. I liked the movie and it is worth watching. The effects can be enjoyed only in the theater.Do drop by my space when u find time

  48. totally agree with Sunil Joseph.. and i appreciate the comparison to Data, something i did myself - Data was the clear winner in terms of acting and the plausibility in the given context

    Endhiran was a very average movie and the mosquito scene was probably the worst fifteen minutes of cinema history in the world.
    Definitely not worth watching 5 times.. especially with the present ticket prices!


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