The Daily Dinosaur

So I started a new cartoon blog a couple of weeks ago called "The Daily Dinosaur" . If you're following me on Twitter you ma...

So I started a new cartoon blog a couple of weeks ago called "The Daily Dinosaur". If you're following me on Twitter you may have come across a post. I had been having this idea in my head for a while now of dinosaurs with people problems but it was after much procrastination that I got around to setting it up - I think what really sparked my motivation was when an old cartoon I had drawn for this blog started doing rounds on Facebook (without credit, ofcourse. The person who posted it claimed it to be "from their childhood").

Anyway, so I finally got to getting the blog up and running; The content and the artwork/doodle-work are all original, and I am having a lot of fun with it. I just didn't want to put it here until I was sure that I would be able to fulfill the "Daily" part of The Daily Dinosaur, but it has been up and running the last two weeks so yay!

Check the blog out/follow it on Tumblr (HINT HINT) here ->

The Dinosaurs are also on Instagram, so if you'd like having a dinosaur or two around photos of coffee taken from interesting angles, you could follow them there as well -> @thedailydinosaur

I also have a Tumblr in my name (you should see the link up in the navigation bar as well), which is essentially a compilation of the good stuff I've read on the internet. I'd like to think it's a good place to waste time in, so if you're into that sort of thing, feel free to follow it here ->
Finally, I'm afraid to note that this blog will continue to exist - my capacity to write bad humour in long form hasn't been exhausted just yet.

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  1. Not exactly t-rex trying..but fun nonetheless! :)

  2. Haven't we heard this before ? #charukesh,vikarhari . Good your watermarking posts now, and will be nice if you started blogging with the old frequency.

  3. Great attempt! Wish u gd luck to keep it going!

  4. Do not underestimate how relieved I felt after reading this: "Finally, I'm afraid to note that this blog will continue to exist..."
    Also, Mama-man is awesome :D

  5. OMG!! is that why Mama-man seemed so familiar??? The Dino toons are awesome too...

  6. i follow the dino on insta . and they are too funny :)

  7. daily dose of chutney, served by dinosaurs no less. I am loving it!!

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