Yennai Arindhaal

What really frustrated me about Yennai Arindhaal was the severely predictable Gautham Menon police movie elements - the middle class dad o...

What really frustrated me about Yennai Arindhaal was the severely predictable Gautham Menon police movie elements - the middle class dad of the 80's who constantly talks in English about following your heart, the modern, strong independent heroine who pursues the hero, the heroine with a past who you know is going to die a gruesome death, Daniel Balaji, and ofcourse, the adopted daughter. The only missing element in this movie, surprisingly, was the mention of love-making phrase. (Edit: I know he talks about going to the medical shop, but it isn't the mention of sex as much as it is the actual reciting of the phrase "I want to make love to you" that I'm talking about)
Other than that, I actually enjoyed the movie. Ajith is such a good looking guy, really, and in the flash back with the moustache on, first class. It was evident that he stuck to the brief that he received from his director, and it worked, unlike Anushka's Zooey Deschanel inspired haircut. Arun Vijay though, what a guy! This movie is his big break and I totally see him being cast as a six pack having savvy gangster dude with a mildly high pitched voice in a lot of movies henceforth. If only he'd button his shirt now.
Trisha & Ajith are actually a very cute screen couple. It'd be nice to see more of them on screen. I'm pretty curious to see where her acting career goes now with getting married and everything.
On the whole, I liked Yennai Arindhaal, despite it being about 20-25 minutes too long. If you like Ajith, you will love this movie. Seriously, what a good looking guy. 

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  1. OMG you like Ajith! :--) I liked him in Aasai and sincerely hoped he would act better. Nowadays I just make fun of Thala to pull DH's leg who is the biggest fan. lol. You too!
    I found the movie a tad boring, like you mentioned typical Gautham Menon stuff and lot of rubber stretching. Didnt like Anoushka at all. And couldnt believe her falling for the salt and pepper Ajith. If only he shed a few pounds! And you are right he has what Sivakumar says Samudhrika lakshanam. Sorry for the long comment ;--)

  2. Hi Lavanya! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, since your blog is one of my absolute favorites! Keep up the great work;) To accept this award:

    And, yes, Ajith was super good-looking in this one:p

  3. I was sad not to have watched brand new Tamil movie "Yennai Arindaal" on Friday itself when it was released worldwide... Professional engagements and work compulsions prohibited my first day-first show slot - a well deserved tribute to my two favourite tinsel town actors Ajith and Anushka !!
    Nevertheless grabbed 09.00 AM IST show tickets for today (Saturday) at Amanora town Inox, Hadapsar. Cut through Pune's chilling morning weather and reached Inox at 08.45 AM sharp... Perhaps I was the only Maharashtrian in the entire theatre full to the brim with Tamil population... Got myself placed comfortably on recliner and it began... Gautham Menon action saga "Yennai Arindaal" (in English: If you know me) ..
    Entire theatre erupted into loud scream at entry of their beloved Chaalaa Ajith Kumar (Sathyadev IPS - in movie)... As many said YA forms the last film of Gautham's cop trilogy..

    Pros :
    1) Ajith Ajith Ajith.... Perfect casting and delivery
    2) Good revenge plot
    3) Drop-dead gorgeous Anushka Shetty
    4) Pleasant Trisha
    5) Fresh and quality music

    Cons :
    1) Length of 2.53 hrs
    2) Lost grip in second half
    3) Uninteresting, overused climax
    4) Lesser roles to both femLe leads as compared to Hero

    3.5 stars from me.... I watched it for Ajith and Anushka... Pura Paisa Vasoool...

    P.S. - I just love the active participation of audience in Tamil movies... One guy literally took shirt off and danced during one of Ajith's songs !!! Memorable scene :P

  4. Iphone trimmed my earlier comment!
    This is Vikrant Deshmukh from Pune. I am born and brought up in Maharashtra but ardent fan of South Indian cinema.... Above was what I had posted on FB


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