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When the TV phenomenon  Friends  came to an end, I was devastated, and I missed it terribly. It was this devastation, coupled with t...

When the TV phenomenon Friends came to an end, I was devastated, and I missed it terribly. It was this devastation, coupled with the free time that one gets while waiting for exam results, which led me to watch Joey, the Friends spin-off that picked the life of Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) up from where Friends left. I was quite excited about the show, given that Joey was my favourite character in Friends, but hardly a few episodes in, I found myself wishing that I had just stuck to watching reruns. 
A spin-off more or less ruins the original show for me. There is something so unimaginative and bland about them that watching a spin-off, when there’s plenty of fresh content on television, feels like a criminal waste of time. Naturally, when Better Call Saul, the spin-off to Breaking Bad was announced, I neither had expectations from it (despite the fact that it was going to be directed by Vince Gilligan himself), nor any intention to watch it. Then, one very dull evening, I gave in to Better Call Saul.
The show’s undercurrent is the same as Breaking Bad’s — good men in a bad world. In Breaking Bad, Walter White, a chemistry teacher who gets cancer, turns to drugs to support his family. We saw him make his way through it all, not knowing exactly how things would turn out in the end. In Better Call Saul, however, there is no suspense because it is a prequel, and the story of how Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a small-time defence attorney, ended up becoming the despicable and widely hated lawyer, Saul Goodman, in Breaking Bad. 
You can read the rest of my column in this week's Melange on Better Call Saul, here. 

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  1. Mildly spicy chutney no more! Its all Spoilt!

    Been a fan of your writing for a long long time. But last these few posts providing links to the newspaper articles.... hmmmm. Seems these are written be a different person.


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