Bringing Out The Big Guns

It was during the study holidays leading up to my Chartered Accountancy final exam that I discovered the show  Criminal Minds.  It st...

It was during the study holidays leading up to my Chartered Accountancy final exam that I discovered the show Criminal Minds. It started out innocuously — all I wanted was to find a way to procrastinate studying Auditing Standards, which, as people who’ve studied Auditing Standards would know, is completely understandable. Within a week though, I was addicted to the point where I would use the show’s timing to motivate myself into finishing that day’s quota of studying. Criminal Minds follows the Behavioural Analysis Unit, a sub-section of the FBI, which is called in by the local police departments whenever there are violent, serial crimes which are committed by an unknown perpetrator, who is referred to as the “unsub”. The team of analysts then gets together to crack the case by going into the mind of the killer, predicting his next move, and consequently, preventing it. 
Criminal Minds is about criminal psychology, and about getting into the unsub’s head to find out what drives him, and hence, there isn’t as much action in the show as one would expect in a conventional cop show — the guns come out only towards the end. When you’re new to the series, Criminal Minds comes across as a really entertaining, impressive and intelligent show. Every episode deals with a new crime, and the writing is such that it will take you to the edge of your seat within the first ten minutes, and keep you there until it ends.
Read my column in this week's Hindu Melange on Criminal Minds & Brooklyn 99, here. 

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  1. Brooklyn nine-nine is a show I stumbled upon accidentally but ended enjoying more than I expected. Good review!



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