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The sixth and final season of  Glee  is presently running on television. If you were a one-time fan of the show, now is the time to ge...

The sixth and final season of Glee is presently running on television. If you were a one-time fan of the show, now is the time to get back, because this season is short, fast-paced, and full of the irreverent humour that the show was famous for. I have watched the show right from its inception in 2009, stuck to watching it despite the inevitable collapse that happened when the show’s lead actor, Cory Monteith, passed away due to a drug overdose, and cried secret tears during the finale. Glee covers the trials and tribulations of a bunch of misfits in high school, who discover themselves through song and dance. Given the premise, there is plenty of music on the show and the cast breaks into song every five minutes to express their feelings. Although Glee rarely does original music, their covers of pop songs were, on most days, better than the original. In fact, I endured the travesties that were the fourth and fifth seasons of Glee, only for the music. Despite Glee’s shortcomings, I was convinced for a very long time that it was the most successful example of a series that mixed drama (high school drama, but drama nonetheless), with music, into one cogent, entertaining show. My opinion changed when I started watching EmpireEmpire delves deep into the hip-hop industry, its workings, and the culture, which forms its roots. I’ve never been a fan of hip-hop or rap, but Empire changed that for me because it gives context to the genre, and that makes the music much more enjoyable.

You can read the rest of my column in this week's The Hindu Melange on Glee and Empire here

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  1. Awesomesauce! Am I filled with glee or am I filled with "Glee" in re-discovering the virtual world's "Empire" of Melange's Lavanya Mohan!

    "Melange's Lavanya Mohan" because that was partly how I had been re-acquainted with Coconut Chutney. A couple of weeks back, your name in Melange seemed to be somewhat familiar to me. But, like an old coot, it slipped my mind in a jiffy (no, I am not old. Infact, I will be about your age, which, I'd found by doing something even worse than stalking :P). This ofcourse got revived when I was reading this week's Melange as well. Intha vaati thankfully, my steely determination to find out about A GIRL (no chauvinism!) whose writing style and humour were almost similar to mine resulted in me doing the aforementioned thingy that is even worse than stalking - GOOGLING!

    And that is how I realised as to why your name seemed to ring a bell! While being a somewhat frequent lurker in KrishAshok's Wordpress portal or maybe in LocalTeaParty's blog or in Maximus's or Ramesh Srivat's Tweet's/FB page or someone of that awesome ilk, one of those wonderful gentlemen had a link to your blog. Not sure how long ago that was but yes, that was how/when I had come across your awesome existence in the virtual world. What was even better was the fact that you were also a fellow Chennaiite(?)!

    So thaaat's that. If by chance it wasn't obvious by now, I am a big biiiig Usha fan/admirer/worshipper of your writing skills eventhough it slightaaa reminds me at times that I too could have come close to your inherent awesomeness if and only IF I had also kept up my own blog(s) and hadn't closed each and every one of them due to being spectacularly lazy! Right, time has come to end my long drawn out comment now with a few apologies.
    ---> Apology numer uno: Forgive me for starting my comment with what I fear has ended up as a "Peter" type mokka line rather than a clever pun.
    ---> Apology Dho: For typing such a long drawn out, love-letter type, rambling, babbling and blithering comment.
    ---> Apology Moonu: Pannathu laam pannitu and then being shameless enough to apologise also for ALL THIS.

    PS: If by chance, there is some Comment Moderation thing that you've put up and this painstakingly long comment doesn't published, don't fret! I will still be an ardent fan of your articles and will do my part in showing it to others also. Peace!

    1. Yenna, cut-out ku paal abhishekam pannuviyo?

    2. Yaarunga neenga? Ungalakku yaen appdi porrukathu ivangala praise panna? Neenga venna paal or something better vaangi thaanga, athu naa abishekam panrathuku, kudikirren. :)

    3. Womygad! Thanks very much for the praise - I'm so very honoured and thrilled :) I'm so glad you enjoy both the column and the blog, and I really do hope you keep coming back!

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